Our interactive dashboard analyzes vaccination rates
by state, looking at daily metrics and goals.

Explore Your COVID-19 Risk Level

Browse our interactive map for more information on cases and disease trends in your area. Read about mitigation and policy recommendations based on COVID-19 risk levels.

Expert group delivers new guidance for keeping schools open and safe 

Translating the latest evidence into clear recommendations, a multi-disciplinary group of experts delivers guidance on how schools and districts can reduce in-school Covid-19 risks for both children and adults to near zero.The key to opening schools safely? High quality infection control.

“It is essential we get ahead of this new variant as it takes hold across the U.S. If we act aggressively now, we can avoid the worst-case scenario of more suffering, more deaths, and more economic damage that awaits us in the upcoming months.”

– Ashish K. Jha, MD, MPH, January 5 2021

Is Your State Doing Enough Coronavirus Testing?

Check out our COVID-19 testing dashboard to see which states are on-track to meet recommended testing goals.

What can the successes and failures of America’s COVID-19 vaccine roll out teach us about the best path forward?

At a February 26, 2021 Congressional Health Subcommittee Hearing on The Path Forward on COVID-19 Immunizations, Dr. Ashish K. Jha provides perspective on the America’s vaccination roll out thus far and details how we can improve vaccine distribution in the months ahead.


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