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Schools and the Path to Zero

Translating the latest evidence into clear recommendations, a multi-disciplinary group of experts delivers guidance on how schools and districts can reduce in-school COVID-19 risks for both children and adults to near zero. The key to opening schools safely? High quality infection control.

"It is essential we get ahead of this new variant as it takes hold across the U.S. If we act aggressively now, we can avoid the worst-case scenario of more suffering, more deaths, and more economic damage that awaits us in the upcoming months."


Opening Schools Safely: FAQ about latest guidance

In December, a group of experts convened by our Justice, Health and Democracy Rapid Response Initiative released updated guidance for how to open schools safely. The report, “Schools and the Path to Zero: Strategies for Pandemic Resilience in the Face of High Community Spread,” has received a lot of interest and some frequently asked questions are answered in this post.

New Coronavirus Variant Threatens A More Deadly Pandemic

New Coronavirus Variant Threatens A More Deadly Pandemic

A new variant of Sars-CoV-2 - the virus that causes COVID-19 – has been found from coast to coast in the United States and is likely spreading in communities across the nation. This demands an urgent rethinking of our current policy responses.

Why Scientific Evidence Matters in a Pandemic

Why Scientific Evidence Matters in a Pandemic

In advance of a Senate hearing, leading doctors, scientists, and public health experts unite to stand up for transparency, accountability, and the scientific process.


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