Our interactive dashboard estimates how many lives could have been saved with Covid-19 vaccinations.

“The equity issues that we’re seeing for vaccines are the same that we’re seeing for testing and for therapeutics. Since vaccines are our best and first response, they are able to reduce disparities if we are able to vaccinate equitably.

– Prof. Stefanie Friedhoff, Brown School of Public Health, June 16, 2022, CNN Health 

Independent Task Force Publishes Resources to Support Schools and Districts

Brown School of Public Health and Microsoft AI for Health release a new dashboard that shows vaccine preventable death nationwide and for each state, providing critical insights for state and federal Covid-19 response teams.

What can the successes and failures of America’s COVID-19 vaccine roll out teach us about the best path forward?

At a 2021 Congressional Health Subcommittee Hearing on The Path Forward on COVID-19 Immunizations, Dr. Ashish K. Jha provided perspective on the America’s vaccination roll out thus far and details how we can improve vaccine distribution in the months ahead.


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