Our interactive dashboard analyzes vaccination rates
by state, looking at daily metrics and goals.

Explore Your COVID-19 Risk Level

Browse our interactive map for more information on cases and disease trends in your area. Read about mitigation and policy recommendations based on COVID-19 risk levels.

Independent Task Force Publishes Resources to Support Schools and Districts

COVID Collaborative, Harvard’s Edmond J. Safra Center, Brown School of Public Health, and New America launched a task force to support schools and districts in implementing CDC guidance and getting students and staff safely back for in-person learning.

“The United States must ramp up genomic surveillance — monitoring viral genes and how they evolve over time — to identify Omicron and track it as it potentially spreads through the country. The United States has been a surprising laggard on genomic sequencing and must do better.”

– Ashish K. Jha, MD, MPH, November 27 2021, The New York Times

Hospital Vaccine Mandate Tracker

In a pandemic which has already cost too many lives and created too much hardship, hospitals must ensure that health systems are the safest place possible, by mandating Covid-19 vaccines for all employees. Do hospitals near you mandate staff vaccinations? Join us to track hospital safety across the country.

What can the successes and failures of America’s COVID-19 vaccine roll out teach us about the best path forward?

At a February 26, 2021 Congressional Health Subcommittee Hearing on The Path Forward on COVID-19 Immunizations, Dr. Ashish K. Jha provides perspective on the America’s vaccination roll out thus far and details how we can improve vaccine distribution in the months ahead.


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