Public Health Research Day 2022

Welcome! The research presented today represents collaborative work from across the Brown School of Public Health. We encourage visitors to explore the posters and interact with poster authors. 

Posters may be sorted by last name and number below. Please use the search tool to find authors, titles, or topics of interest (e.g. alcohol, child health, aging, pandemics, health disparities, diabetes, tobacco, etc.). Enjoy the conference!

# Last Name First Name Poster Title Other Authors Primary Research Area Degree
1 Gulchin Abigail Rachel Understanding the Effects of Postnatal Depression on the Neurodevelopment of Infants with NAS Lynne M. Dansereau MSPH, Marie Camerota PhD, Jonathan M. Davis MD, Barry M. Lester PhD Alcohol/Addictions, Maternal & Child Health Undergrad
2 Meyer Aiden Trends in the Utilization of Endovascular Thrombectomy in the Treatment of Large Vessel Occlusion Stroke: An Analysis of 2016-2018 National Inpatient Sample Data Ryan McTaggart MD, Theresa I. Shireman PhD Data Analytics/Big Data, Health Disparities Undergrad
3 Ty Allyson Weight Management Engagement among Adolescents from LowIncome Backgrounds: Identification of External Barriers Health Behavior, Health Disparities Undergrad
4 Parson Amber Narrative Review of Empirical Studies Examining Health Effects of COVID-19 on Individuals with Early Life Stress COVID-19/Pandemics Undergrad
5 Ayers Andrew Living Filters for Removing Arsenic from Drinking Water Yidan Bi GS Environment/Climate Undergrad
6 Desir Arielle Investigating the Impact of Institutional Racism on the Contemporary Fertility Rate of Black South African Women: A Scoping Review Global Health, Health Disparities, Maternal & Child Health Undergrad
7 Zhu Enya Recreational Fulfillment Among Nursing Home Residents with Dementia: Structured Observation Findings on Engagement from a Pragmatic Trial of a Personalized Music Intervention Ellen McCreedy PhD, Anthony Sisti MA, Esme Zediker BSc, Miranda Olson MSc, James Rudolph MD, Renee Shield PhD, Rosa Baier MPH Aging, Prevention/Health Promotion Undergrad
8 Reed Grace L. Reactions to a Nicotine Reduction Policy Among Adolescents Who Smoke: A Qualitative Study Rachel N. Cassidy PhD, Suzanne M. Colby PhD Alcohol/Addictions Undergrad
9 Powell Jasmine The Legacy of Redlining: Its Historical and Contemporary Impact on Birth Outcomes Epidemiology, Health Disparities, Health Policy, Maternal & Child Health Undergrad
10 Griffith Jennifer R. A Comparison of Opioid Overdose Surveillance in Two Rhode Island Emergency Departments: National vs. State Surveillance Systems Elizabeth A. Samuels MD, MPH; Ashley Gaipo BS; Francesca L. Beaudoin MS, MD; Brendan P. Jacka PhD Alcohol/Addictions, Epidemiology, Drug Overdose Undergrad
11 Lin John C. Price transparency for ophthalmic services in the United States Sophia Y. Ghauri; Dustin D. French PhD; Ingrid U. Scott MPH, MD; Paul B. Greenberg MPH, MD Health Policy Undergrad
12 Katz Juliana Longitudinal maternal sleep position patterns, breathing during sleep, and fetal growth in high-risk pregnancies Laura Sanapo MSHS, MD; Shira Dunsiger PhD; Melissa Guillen BA; Ashanti Avalos MPH; Annaly Aldana BS; Danielle Wilson PhD; Ghada Bourjeily MD Maternal & Child Health Undergrad
13 Kendall Stern “I can’t do it all”: Women’s career trajectories during the COVID-19 pandemic Alison Weber MPH, Jennifer Pellowski PhD COVID-19/Pandemics, Women's Health Undergrad
14 Suzuki Kento The Effects and Possible Mechanisms of Mindfulness-Based Interventions on Social Anxiety Disorder: A Literature Review Mindfulness Undergrad
15 Joerg Lucie DAPpers: A Model for the Arts in Public Health Greg Youdan Jr. MA, MS; Anna Schwartz; Lori Sahakian; Rachel Balaban; Stacey Springs PhD Aging, Art Therapy Undergrad
16 Noh Madeline Evaluating Psychosocial Outcomes and Predictors of Retention Among Women Who Are Prescribed Opioids Post-CD/Hysterectomy Kristen Matteson MPH, MD; Chris Raker PhD; M. Barton Laws MA, PhD; Patricia Markham Risica DrPH Alcohol/Addictions, Health Behavior Undergrad
17 Frey Madelyn Intimate Partner Violence & HIV Care Engagement among Pregnant & Postpartum Women Living with HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Structured Literature Review Global Health, Maternal & Child Health Undergrad
18 Yago Malina Marlyn Acculturation, Social Networks, and Discrimination: Do these Social Determinants of Health Impact the Cardiovascular Health of Asian Americans? Health Disparities, Social Determinants of Health Undergrad
19 Kopeka Mamaswatsi Pearl Experiences of work (re)entry with regard to HIV care engagement and retention among new mothers living with HIV in Cape Town, South Africa Global Health Undergrad
20 Afsharian Parisa Association between caregiver language and child weight status Health Disparities, Maternal & Child Health Undergrad
21 Kirby Rebecca Further defining the origin of the Plasmodium falciparum kelch13 R561H mutation in Rwanda David Giesbrecht PhD; Savannah Lewis ScB; Corine Karema MD, MSc Epidemiology; Jonathan Juliano MSPH, MD; Jeffrey Bailey MD, PhD; Jean-Baptiste Mazarati PhD Global Health Undergrad
22 Millard Ryan Quantifying the Impact of Out-of-pocket (OOP) Costs on Long-Term Adherence to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) in Men who have sex with men (MSM) William Goedel PhD Epidemiology Undergrad
23 Plezia Sammy ‘If we don't eat our cultural foods, does that mean we're less [Latina]?’: A Qualitative Investigation on Eating Habits and Beauty Ideals Among Latin American Immigrant Women Ashley Gomez MPH; Jennifer Nazareno PhD; KayLoni Olson PhD Global Health, Health Behavior Undergrad
24 Lee Sangah Effect of E-Cigarette Risk Perception on Smoking Behavior Among African American and Latinx Individuals who Smoke Dale Dagar Maglalang MA, MSW, PhD; Jaqueline Contrera Avila PhD; Eleanor Leavens PhD; Nikki Nollen PhD; Kimberley Pulvers MPH, PhD; Jasjit S. Ahluwalia MS, MPH, MD Alcohol/Addictions, Health Behavior, Health Disparities Undergrad
25 Fisher Sydney Evaluation of Race/Ethnicity on HPV Vaccination Initiation and Completion Among Adolescents Aged 11-17 Courtney McCracken PhD Health Disparities Undergrad
26 Hilton Alec Illness Narratives for Type 2 Diabetes: Evaluation of the Emotional Impact of Living with Diabetes in Xoxocotla, Mexico Global Health Master's
27 Persaud Alicia Multi-Sector Stakeholder’s Perceptions of Determinants of Successful Implementation of a Pediatric Weight Management Intervention Alicia Persaud BS; Ines Castro BA; Meg Simione PhD; Justin D. Smith PhD; Giselle O’Connor MPH; Mona Sharifi MPH, MD; Meghan Perkins MPH; Shioban Torres PhD; Elsie Taveras MPH, MD; Karen Kuhlthau PhD; Lauren Fiechtner MPH, MD Maternal & Child Health, Prevention/Health Promotion, Implementation Science Master's
28 Roberts Briana Alcohol Consumption and Melanoma Risk: A Prospective Analysis from the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study Briana Roberts BS; Yufei Li BS; Linda M. Liao PhD; Abrar A. Qureshi MPH, MD; Eunyoung Cho ScD Alcohol/Addictions, Health Behavior,Prevention/Health Promotion (BD) Master's
29 Brodie Caleb S. Identifying the association between risk of SARs-CoV-2 infection and mitigation strategy selection among Rhode Island K-12 schools Caleb S. Brodie COVID-19/Pandemics, Data Analytics/Big Data, Epidemiology Master's
30 Zingas Callista The Association Between Maternal Depression and the Development of an Eating Disorder Among Girls in the Growing Up Today Study Maternal & Child Health Master's
31 Jensen Destry Motherhood and identity: Analysing the lived experiences of postpartum women living with HIV in South Africa Jennifer Pellowski PhD, Abigail Harrison PhD Global Health, Maternal & Child Health Master's
32 Asiedu Emmanuella Asantewaa Early-life Triclosan Exposure and Memory Function in 12-year-old Children Joseph Braun PhD, Nan Li PhD, Kimberly Yolton PhD, Melinda MacDougall MS Data Analytics/Big Data, Epidemiology Master's
33 Alemu Feven Self-esteem and Mastery Among Food Insecure Adolescents in Jimma, Ethiopia Jimma Longitudinal Family Survey of Youth, (2009-2010) Global Health, Food Insecurity Master's
34 Thomas Hannah La Patria Es Primero?: An examination of disparities in COVID-19 treatment and outcomes between migrants and non-migrants in Mexico Annie Gjelsvik PhD; Omar Galarraga MA, PhD COVID-19/Pandemics, Epidemiology, Global Health Master's
35 Wahl Jenna LTCFocus: Long-Term Care – Facts on Care in the United States Aging, Data Analytics/Big Data, Health Policy Master's
36 Cabrera Josepha Dlc. The Relationship between Perceived Stress, Depressive Symptoms, Emotional Eating and Motivation to Eat Healthier Overall Among Black Women: A Mediation Analysis Patricia Markham Risica DrPH, Annie Gjelsvik PhD Health Disparities, Psychological Factors and Emotional Eating Master's
37 Rofe Kara The association between healthcare system interactions and PrEP usage among transgender and gender nonconforming adults in Massachusetts and Rhode Island Jaclyn White Hughto MPH, PhD; Deborah Pearlman PhD LGBT Health Master's
38 Edwards Krystal Understanding Experiences of Diet, Exercise, and Gestational Weight Gain Among HIV Pregnant Women Living in South Africa - A Qualitative Analysis Global Health, Maternal & Child Health Master's
39 Armes Lyndsey P. Adolescent Preventive Care Utilization and the Patient-Centered Medical Home J. Austin Lee MPH, MD; Patrick M. Vivier MD, PhD Health Policy, Prevention/Health Promotion Master's
40 White Margaret The Association Between Family Military Status and Receipt of Needed Mental Health Care Maternal & Child Health Master's
41 Igbinyemi Nicholle Framing Colorism within the Fundamental Social Cause of Disease Theory: Skin Tone, Socioeconomic Position, and Blood Pressure Katie Biello MPH, PhD; Chanelle J. Howe MPH, PhD Epidemiology, Health Disparities Master's
42 Ahmad Safi The Effect of Loneliness, Income, and SGM Identity on Cigarette and Marijuana use during the Covid-19 Pandemic Jasjit Aluhwalia MPH, MD; Jaqueline Avila PhD COVID-19/Pandemics, Cigarette/Marijuana Use Master's
43 Armidie Tsion Determinants of menstruation knowledge among adolescents in West Hararghe Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia Alemayehu Worku PhD, David Lindstrom PhD, Alison Field ScD, Omar Galarraga PhD Epidemiology Master's
44 Ding Yi ARIMA models for predicting the number of new covid-19 cases of the 51 states in the US COVID-19/Pandemics Master's
45 Zhang Zhuoya Cross-Sectional Associations between Eating Behaviors and Cardiometabolic Risk among Adolescents in the HOME Study Epidemiology, Health Behavior Master's
46 Cho Sharon A Mixed Methods Examination of Multicultural Competence in Counseling Thamara Davis MD, William C. Goedel PhD Health Disparities Master's
47 Quintana Allison Evaluating Clinical Utility of Multi-Category Outcome Risk Prediction Models Christopher Schmid Master's
48 Chang Fandi Using Bayesian Multilevel Models to Analyze the Treatment Effects of Behavior Interventions from N-of-1 Trials Data Analytics/Big Data, Health Behavior Master's
49 Walsh Joanna Simulations and Applications of EFA and MFA Methods Applied to ADNI Cognitive Data Data Analytics/Big Data Master's
50 Zou Lin Feng United States COVID-19 Daily Cases Prediction in 2020 Using Bidirectional LSTM with Clustered Data COVID-19/Pandemics, Data Analytics/Big Data Master's
51 Nelson Morgan Disruption of Circadian Rhythms Promotes Alcohol Use Paul Soliman; Ryan Rhew; Carolina Haass-Koffler BS, PHARMD Alcohol/Addictions Master's
52 Ayala MD Nina K. Association between antenatal depression and cesarean delivery among first-time parturients Lauren Schlichting PhD; Adam Lewkowitz MPHS, MD; Martha Kole-White MD; Annie Gjelsvik PhD; Siraj Amanullah MPH, MD Maternal & Child Health Master's
53 DeKara Tobias Reinforcement Learning for Best-Subset Variable Selection Data Analytics/Big Data Master's
54 Su Whitney Modified Bootstrap for Causal Inference Data Analytics/Big Data Master's
55 Liu Xiao Regression Analysis on Food Items and Food Groups with Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity Health Behavior, Prevention/Health Promotion Master's
56 Wang Xuenan Predicting tracheostomy using ventilator support at 36 and 44 weeks in infants with severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia Maternal & Child Health, Prevention/Health Promotion Master's
57 Tao Yanyu Factors Associated with Weight Gain and Viral Suppression in Dolutegravir Combination Therapy Receivers Data Analytics/Big Data, Health Behavior, Health Disparities Master's
58 Pan Yezhi Effect of Co-prescribing Benzodiazepines and Opioid Analgesics Among Older Cancer Patients Data Analytics/Big Data Master's
59 Hansen ScM Blake Fast Variational Inference for Sparse Bayesian Multi-study Factor Analysis Alejandra Pacheco PhD, Massimiliano Russo PhD, Roberta DeVito PhD Data Analytics/Big Data Doctoral
60 Kamat MS Gauri An Empirical Comparison of Probabilistic Record Linkage Techniques Roee Gutman PhD Data Analytics/Big Data Doctoral
61 Scodes MS Jennifer Comparison of methods for analyzing proxy responses in patient-reported outcomes Roee Gutman PhD Data Analytics/Big Data Doctoral
62 Montgomery MPH Madeline C. Preventive healthcare utilization and Papanicolaou testing among young adult cisgender women by sexual orientation in the United States Madina Agénor ScD, MPH; Shira Dunsiger PhD Health Behavior, Health Disparities, LGBTQ health, sexual/reproductive health, healthcare utilization Doctoral
63 Lewis Nickolas Effectiveness of Vaccination in Preventing COVID-19 Reinfection Laura C. Chambers MPH, PhD; Huong T. Chu MPH, MD; Taylor Fortnam; Roberta De Vito MS, PhD; Lisa M. Gargano MPH, PhD; Ellen Amore MS; Philip A. Chan MS, MD; James McDonald MPH, MD; Joseph W. Hogan ScD COVID-19/Pandemics, Epidemiology, Health Policy Doctoral
64 Valente MD, MPH Pablo Kokay Access to Healthcare and Preferences across PrEP Modalities among Young Men Who Have Sex in the U.S.: A Latent Class Analysis study Jose A. Bauermeister MPH, PhD; Willey L. Lin MB; Daniel Teixeira da Silva MD; Lisa Hightow-Weidman MD; Ryan Drab MPH; Kenneth H. Mayer MD; Don Operario PhD; Jack Rusley MHS, MD; Katie B. Biello MPH, PhD Health Behavior, Health Disparities, Prevention/Health Promotion Doctoral
65 Gravelle MSc Patrick Zero-Inflated Hierarchical Generalized Dirichlet Multinomial Bayesian Regression Model for Analysis of TDP-43 on ALS-FTD Spectrum Roee Gutman PhD Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD) Doctoral
66 Fortnam MA Taylor M. Evaluating the Impact of Rhode Island’s Targeted Vaccine Eligibility Strategy Joseph W. Hogan ScD, Roberta DeVito PhD, Laura Chambers PhD, Alyssa Bilinski PhD COVID-19/Pandemics Doctoral
67 Gong AB Jung Ho Association of Patient Social Risks with Inclusion in Medicare Advantage Networks Kenton J. Johnston PhD; David J. Meyers MPH, PhD Data Analytics/Big Data, Health Disparities, Health Policy Doctoral
68 Kempner BA Marga Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic Sarah C. Niehaus BA; Julianne E. Skarha BA, BSc; Nina K. Ayala MD COVID-19/Pandemics, Maternal & Child Health Doctoral
69 Tang BS Oliver Y. Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Neurotrauma Epidemiology, Outcomes, and Management at a Rwandan Tertiary Hospital Chantal Uwamahoro MD; Catalina González Marqués MPH, MD; Aly Beeman MPH; Enyonam Odoom MPH; Steven Nshuti MD; Spandana Jarmale BS; Adam R. Aluisio MSc, MD, DTMH Global Health Doctoral
70 Barkley MPH Jonathan Rhode Island Violent Death Reporting System (RIVDRS), 2004-2019 Paul Soliman; Ryan Rhew; Carolina Haass-Koffler PHARMD Epidemiology RIDOH
71 Monteiro MPH Karine Rhode Island Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) Tracy Jackson MS, PhD Health Behavior, Prevention/Health Promotion RIDOH
72 Monteiro MPH Karine Rhode Island Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Tracy Jackson MS, PhD Health Behavior, Health Disparities, Prevention/Health Promotion RIDOH
73 Seymour Cheyenne Rhode Island Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) Karine Monteiro MPH, Dora Dumont MPH, Samara Viner-Brown MS Maternal & Child Health RIDOH


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