Public Health Research Day 2023

Welcome! The research presented on Public Health Research Day represents collaborative work from across the Brown University School of Public Health. We encourage visitors to explore the posters and interact with poster authors. 

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Degree # Last Name First Name Other Authors/Advisors Poster Title Keywords
Undergrad 1 Villalobos Zephelline Barton Laws, PhD Analyzing and Understanding the Process of Decision Making in Ambulatory Healthcare Ambulatory care; health services
Undergrad 2 Lu Alison Jessica Tardif, BA; Erin Thompson, MPH; Michelle McKenzie, MPH; Traci Green, PhD; Ju Nyeong Park, PhD Characteristics of Drug Checking Programs in 2022: Findings from the North American Drug Checking Program Survey Drug checking programs; drug use; drug overdoses; harm reduction; drug samples; addiction
Undergrad 3 Nguyen Lana Celeste Corcoran, MD; Susan Duffy, MD, MPH; Stephanie Ruest, MD, MPH A Pediatric Emergency Department-Based Electronic Food Insecurity Intervention Program Food insecurity; pediatric emergency department; social determinants of health; intervention program; follow-up contact; electronic screening
Undergrad 4 Conrad Ryan Ellen McCreedy, PhD; Laura Dionne, ScM; Vincent Mor, PhD Factors Associated With the Use of a Personalized Music Intervention for Nursing Home Residents With Dementia Nursing home; dementia; music therapy; pragmatic trial; neuropsychiatric symptoms; implementation; adherence; aging
Undergrad 5 Zhu Ennie Ellen McCreedy, PhD, MPH; Joan Teno, MD, MS Bereaved Family Member Perceptions of Quality of Care by Site of Death and Palliative Care Utilization in the Last Month of Life Palliative care; end-of-life care; quality of care; alternative payment models; bereavement
Undergrad 6 Tidwell Torres Melina Amelia Bailey, MPH; Patricia Risica, DrPH; Rosemarie Martin, PhD; Augustine Kang, PhD A Systematic Literature Review of Recent Obesity Interventions with Black Women in the United States Obesity; overweight; Black women; interventions; physical activity; health
Undergrad 7 Davy Ciciely Christopher Knoepke, PhD “Keep your activism out of the exam room”: Healthcare Providers’ Opinions About Firearm Safety Conversations on a Medscape Message Board Firearm safety counseling; healthcare providers (HCPs); pediatric settings; adult settings; firearm safety; guns
Undergrad 8 Yeh Jasper Hailey Dorsainvil; Melissa Pielech, PhD Teen and Parent Perceptions of Opioid and Non-Opioid Analgesic Use After Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery Opioids; adolescents; oral surgery; pain; substance use; qualitative; intervention development; addiction
Undergrad 9 Hailemariam Yemi Shira Dunsiger, PhD; Jennifer Pellowski, PhD The Dangers of Justification: Examining IPV and Associated Attitudes as a Risk Factor for Maternal Depression and Associated Negative Antenatal Health Behaviors and Outcomes in Ethiopia Maternal depression; intimate-partner violence; child health outcomes; mental health
Undergrad 10 Ramush Geat Courtney Johnson, MPH; Kristin Konnyu, MSc, PhD Exploring the Barriers and Facilitators of Cancer Screening Among Immigrants in New York City: A Systematic Review NYC; immigrant health; cancer screening; barriers
Undergrad 11 Manokaran Kethural Alexandria Nylen, PhD; Ahad Bashir; David Polatty, MA; Adam Levine, MD, MPH Civil-Military Coordination in the US’ National Response to COVID-19: Perspectives from Civil and Military Key Informants Civil-military coordination; COVID-19; pandemic response; emergency response; policy
Undergrad 12 McGlinchey Brynn Ellen McCreedy, PhD; Laura Dionne, ScM; Kali Thomas, PhD; Vincent Mor, PhD Using Nursing Home Residents’ Preferences to Inform Care: How Standardized Assessment Data Can Help Tailor Reminiscence Therapies Older adults; Alzheimer's disease and related dementias; nursing homes; implementation science; reminiscence therapy; elderly; elder care; aging
Undergrad 13 Saito Kyoko Abinash Gabbeta; Evan Mulvihill; Lina Al-Jaberi; Timothy Beukelman; James Lewis; Carlos Rose; Brian Strom; Daniel Horton Validation of New Medication Use Algorithms as Proxies for Worsening Disease Activity in Patients with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Pharmacoepidemiology; juvenile idiopathic arthritis; algorithm; administrative claims databases; electronic health records
Undergrad 14 Ortiz Suraya Jeffery Proulx, PhD Can Mindfulness-Based Interventions treat PTSD-derived GI Disruptions in Black Women? Chronic stress; mindfulness; health disparities; racial equity
Undergrad 15 Warner Rachel Jasjit Ahluwalia; Take Naseri; Muagututi‘a Sefuiva Reupena; Nicola Hawley; Stephen McGarvey Longitudinal Predictors of Tobacco Cessation and Initiation in Samoa: Implications for Interventions Samoa; tobacco cessation; tobacco initiation; sex-differences; alcohol use
Undergrad 16 Olafsson Otto Jennifer Pellowski, PhD; Maricruz Rivera-Hernandez, PhD Analysis of Puerto Rico’s Opioid Overdose Surveillance System: A Qualitative Study Opioid; overdose; Puerto Rico; surveillance; qualitative; addiction
Undergrad 17 Kolbasov Liza Minchae Kim; Ellie Karniadakis; Jordy Vergara, BA; Cara Murphy, PhD Impulsivity and Smoking Motives among Individuals who Smoke Cigarettes and are Obese or Overweight Smoking; overweight; obesity; impulsivity; motivation; tobacco
Undergrad 18 Hwang Jihwan William Goedel, PhD; Patricia Risica, DrPH Association between Neighborhood-Level Indices of Socioeconomic Status and Breast, Cervical, and Colorectal Cancer Screenings in Rhode Island Socioeconomic disadvantage; cancer screening; neighborhood-level indices; women's health
Undergrad 19 Rafat Aseel Joan Brazier, MS; Amy Meehan, MPH; Emily Gadbois, PhD Relationships among Skilled Nursing Facility Size, Layout, and Location and COVID-19 Experiences: Findings from Interviews with Administrators Across the United States Skilled nursing facility; nursing home; COVID-19; pandemic; nursing home characteristics; elderly; elder care; health services; aging
Undergrad 20 Lin Nelson Zahra Atai; Elise Riley, PhD Hypertension Control Among People Living with HIV with Prior or Current Stimulant Use Hypertension; stimulant use; HIV; cardiovascular health; antihypertensive medication
Undergrad 21 Malone Mona Jaqueline Avila; Dale Maglalang; Sangah Lee; Riley Suh; Urvi Binjrajka; Nicole Nollen; Jasjit Ahluwalia Using ANDS to Reduce Harm for Low SES Cigarette Smokers (Tri-PEC Study) E-cigarettes; nicotine pouches; harm reduction; socioeconomic status; ANDS
Undergrad 22 Malone Mona Dale Dagar Maglalang, PhD, MA, MSW; Jaqueline Avila, PhD; Riley Suh; Urvi Binjrajka; Kiana Beheshtian, BA; Sangah Lee, BA;Jasjit Ahluwalia, MD, MPH, MS Tri-PEC Study: Facilitators & Barriers to Switching to Alternative Nicotine Delivery Systems in Adults with Low Socioeconomic Status Who Use Combustible Cigarettes ANDS; e-cigarettes; nicotine pouches; socioeconomically disadvantaged; ENDS; qualitative research
Community 23 Kunchay Gayatri Junhie Oh, MPH Rhode Island Department of Health Hospital Discharge Database N/A
Community 24 Kunchay Gayatri Junhie Oh, MPH Non-fatal Injury Related Emergency Department Visits, Rhode Island Hospital Discharge Database 2016-2019 N/A
Community 25 Barkley Johnathan Rhode Island Violent Death Reporting System (RIVDRS), 2004-2021 N/A
Community 26 Seymour Cheyenne Karine Monteiro, MPH; Krystina Brodeur; Samara Viner-Brown, MS Rhode Island Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (RIPRAMS) N/A
Community 27 Monteiro Karine Samara Viner-Brown, MS Rhode Island Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) N/A
Community 28 Monteiro Karine Samara Viner-Brown, MS Rhode Island Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) N/A
Doctoral 29 Philips Alexander Yoojin Lee, MS, MPH; Hannah James, MS; Jim Lucht, MCP; Ira Wilson, MD, MSc How All-Payer Claims Databases (APCDs) Can Be Used to Examine Changes in Professional Spending: Experience from the Rhode Island APCD APCDs; health system performance monitoring
Doctoral 30 Bailey Amelia Siena Napoleon; Augustine Kang; Rosemarie Martin An Implementation Science Framework to Contextualize an Innovative Intervention Integrating Medications for Opioid Use Disorders in the Probation System Opiod use; probation system; addiction
Doctoral 31 Shakya Iju Caitlin Mandel; Janette Baird Characteristics of SNAP Recipients Aged 65 and Older Living in Rhode Island SNAP; aging; elder care; elderly
Doctoral 32 Yangchen Tenzin Michelle Rogers; George Papandonatos; Stephen Buka Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Partially Account for Racial Disparities in Lifetime Cocaine Disorders Among US Adults Entering Midlife: A 35-year Prospective Study ACEs; racial disparities; drug use
Doctoral 33 Yun Hyunkyung (Yulia) Jin Kim; Aishwarya Gandhe; Brianna Nelson; Jim Hu; Vikas Gulani; Daniel Margolis; Bruce Schackman; Ali Jalali Cost-Effective Biopsy Strategy in Prostate Cancer Detection Among Medicare Eligible Men: Annual MRI and potential MRI-Guided Biopsy vs. Transrectal Ultrasonography-guided (TRUS) biopsy Cancer screening; Medicare
Doctoral 34 Hall Amber Jillian Ashley-Martin; Chun Lei Liang; George Papandonatos; Tye Arbuckle; Michael Borghese; Jessie Buckley; Kim Cecil; Aimin Chen; Mandy Fisher; Bruce Lanphear; Jana Palaniyandi; Dorothea Rawn; Kimberly Yolton; Joseph Braun Personal Care Product Use and Perfluoroalkyl Substances in Pregnant and Postpartum Women and Adolescents: The MIREC and HOME Studies Personal care products; pregnancy; women's health
Doctoral 35 Yu Chang Zhijin Wu Accurate Detection of MicroRNAs from NanoString nCounter with a Latent Mixture Model NanoString; nCounter
Doctoral 36 Fortnam Taylor Laura Chambers; Alyssa Bilinski; Ewa King; Ellen Amore; Lisa Gargano; James McDonald; Philip Chan; Richard Huard; Joseph Hogan A Method for Vaccine Effectiveness Surveillance with Application to the BA.1 and BA.2 sub-lineages of the Omicron Variant Vaccine effectiveness; COVID19; pandemics
Doctoral 37 Feng Shuo Alyssa Bilinski Parallel Trends in Unparalleled Pandemics: Difference-in-Differences for Infectious Disease Policy Evaluation Pandemic; infectious disease; policy
Doctoral 38 Zielinski Robert Ani Eloyan Principal Manifold-Based Longitudinal Smoothing of Subcortical Surfaces Subcortical surfaces
Doctoral 39 Balkan Em Gray Babbs, MPH; Theresa Shireman, PhD; Jaclyn Hughto, PhD, MPH; David Meyers, PhD, MPH Receipt of Gender-Affirming Surgery Among Medicare Beneficiaries Gender affirming surgery; Medicare; transgender; trans health; LGBTQ
Doctoral 40 Skinner Alexandra Victoria Jent, MAS; William Goedel, PhD; Bennett Allen, PhD, MPA; Kathryn Leifheit, PhD, MSPH; Abigail Cartus, PhD; Alexandria Macmadu, PhD; Yu Li, MD, PhD, MPH; Claire Pratty, MS; Elizabeth Samuels, MD; Jennifer Ahern, PhD, MPH; Magdalena Cerdá, DrPH, MPH; Brandon Marshall, PhD, MSc Neighborhood-Level Relationship Between Residential Eviction and Overdose Death in Rhode Island Overdose deaths; eviction rates
Master's 41 Zionskowski Kelsey Madina Agénor, ScD, MPH; Samantha Rosenthal, PhD, MPH Assessing Intersectional Disability-Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Cervical Cancer Screening Among Women in the United States Health equity; disability; women's health
Master's 42 Fischbach Sarah Shira Dunsiger, PhD; Alison Tovar, PhD The Burden of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Association between Ethnicity and Breast Cancer Screening Breast cancer screening; COVID-19 healthcare; cancer disparities; women's health
Master's 43 Ahmed Neelam Steven Cohen, DrPH, MPH Rural-Urban Variation in the Association Between Primary Language and Health: Evidence from a National Sample Primary language; diabetes; obesity; healthcare access; rural; urban; health policy
Master's 44 Liu Yanchen William Goedel, PhD Association between Historical Redlining and COVID-19 Accumulated Infection Rate in Rhode Island COVID-19; historical redlining; Rhode Island; health disparities; racial segregation; social determinants of health
Master's 45 Zablon Jeremiah Goel Varun, PhD; David Giesbrecht, PhD; Charles Mbogo, PhD; William Goedel, PhD; Damaris Matoke-Muhia, PhD; Jeffrey Bailey MD, PhD The Effect of Climate Parameters and Spatial Analysis of Mosquitoes in Malaria Prevalence in Kenya Anopheles funestus; Anopheles gambiae; climate factors
Master's 46 Ramos Cristian E. Whitney Evans, PhD; Katherine Darling, PhD Understanding the association between adolescent-specific adverse experiences and weight status among U.S. high school students. Adolescent adverse experiences; overweight; obesity; weight status; ACEs; BMI
Master's 47 Shiozawa Youki Chirag Patel, PhD Assessing the Robustness of the Association between Glucose Levels and Telomere Length in a Nationally Representative Sample of US Adults Vibration of effects; model specification; biostatistics; observational association; confounding; Type 2 diabetes; telomere attrition
Master's 48 Ordinola Yarsuka Michael Byrns, PhD; Diana Grigsby-Toussaint Historical Manufacturing Sites, Chlorinated Solvents, and Links to Birth Defects in Rhode Island Spatial analysis; environmental health; Rhode Island; birth defects
Master's 49 Che Ray Barton Laws, PhD; Brandon Marshall, PhD; David Zelaya, PhD Examining the Association between Sexual Orientation and Usage of Health Services: Findings from the 2019 National Health Interview Survey LGBT; health services; sexual orientation; healthcare utilization; disparities
Master's 50 Scott Ty Shufang Sun, PhD Identifying Unique Determinants for Behavioral Risk, HIV/STI Testing, PrEP Utilization, and Mental Health Utilization Between Black and White YMSM Health disparities; HIV risk; PrEP; equity; LGBTQ+
Master's 51 Noh Madeline Jaclyn Hughto, PhD, MPH; Madina Agénor, ScD, MPH Promoting Equitable Sexual Health Communication among Patients with Minoritized Racial/Ethnic, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identities: Strategies, Challenges and Opportunities Sexual health equity; racial/ethnic minorities; sexual and gender minorities; patient-provider communication; assigned female at birth; qualitative
Master's 52 Johnson Alexandra (Yaya) Erica Walker, PhD; Elizabeth Tobin-Tyler, JD, MA Light, Blight, Sight. Billboard Inequity in Jackson, Mississippi Environmental justice; visual pollution; billboards; health equity; policy; vulnerability; Jackson, Mississippi
Master's 53 Kalfus Joshua William Goedel, PhD The Impact of New York City’s OnPoint Overdose Prevention Centers on Drug-Related Arrests Harm reduction; overdose prevention; GIS; health policy; addiction
Master's 54 Koehm Kristin Joseph Rosen, PhD, MSPH; Jessica Tardif, BA; Erin Thompson, MPH; Jesse Yedinak, MPA; Ju Nyeong Park, PhD, MHS Stakeholders’ Perspectives on the Moderating Role of Stigma in Authorizing and Implementing Safe Consumption Sites in the United States: A Qualitative Study Safe consumption sites; stigma; policymaking; stakeholders perception
Master's 55 Jackson Katia Diana Grigsby-Toussaint; Deborah Pearlman; Julius Searight; Candace Harper Using GIS to Explore Food Access in a Racially and Ethnically Diverse Neighborhood in Providence, RI Food access; food environment; food availability; low-income communities; race/ethnicity
Master's 56 Toma Emily Brooke Rogers, PhD, MPH; Jade Bajic; Philip Chan MD, MS "If you get HIV it's 'cause you're doing something wrong:" Qualitative perspectives on family and sociocultural beliefs that impact HIV prevention among Latino men who have sex with men" HIV; PrEP; Latino MSM; prevention; qualitative research; sociocultural barriers
Master's 57 Reed Grace Emily Gadbois, PhD; Elyse Couch, PhD; Emmanuelle Belanger, PhD Perceptions of End-of-Life Care Quality in Assisted Living: A Qualitative Study of Bereaved Next of Kin Aging; gerontology; end of life care; assisted living; hospice; multi-morbidity; elder care
Master's 58 Arango David Silvia Chiang, MD, ScM; Elmer Altamirano; Milagros Wong; Liz Senador; Catherine Beckhorn; Thomas Coates; Chelsie Cintron, MPH Analyzing Adolescent-Friendly TB Services in Lima, Peru: A Qualitative Study Equity; global health; tuberculosis; adolescents; qualitative
Master's 59 Wilson Bailee Stacey Springs, PhD “This Terrible Sickness”: Perceptions of Health in the Warsaw Ghetto and Implications for Contemporary Praxis in Low-Resource, Highly-Stigmatized Communities Public health history; health behaviors; health information; Holocaust ghettos
Master's 60 Rosenfield Maayan Laura Chambers, PhD, MPH; Francesca Beaudoin, MD, PhD; Rachel Gaither, BS; Brandon Marshall, PhD Enrollment in Substance Use Treatment Among a Cohort of Individuals at Risk of Opioid Overdose with Comorbid Chronic Pain or Mental Illness Opioid use; overdose; chronic pain; mental illness; comorbidity; substance use; substance use treatment; addiction
Master's 61 Gao Yifei Nina Joyce, PhD; Shira Dunsige, PhD Association between BMI Status and Self-Reported Mental Health among Young Adults: Analysis of a Nationally Representative Sample BMI; underweight; obese; suboptimal health; self-reported mental health; frequent mental distress
Master's 62 Ma Emily Brooke Rogers; Jasjit Ahluwalia; Emily Toma; Matthew Murphy Characterizing the Interest in and Uptake of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Among Men in a US State Correctional System HIV prevention; incarcerated men; PrEP interest; PrEP uptake
Master's 63 Zhang Amy Deborah Pearlman, PhD; Shira Dunsinger, PhD Examining the Relationship between Food Insecurity and Smoking Cessation among Adult Smokers during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Rhode Island Tobacco Control; smoking cessation; food insecurity; quitline; COVID-19; addiction
Master's 64 Hackert Daniel Shilo McBurney, PhD; William Goedel, PhD; Laura Bauman, RN, MPH; Dayna Brimley, MPH Exploring the Relationship Between COVID-19 Vaccination and Response to Alternative Case Investigation Methods COVID-19; vaccinations; communication; contact tracing; distrust; survey; vaccines
Master's 65 Tang Heming William Goedel, PhD; Samantha Rosenthal, PhD; Brooke Rogers, PhD The Predictors of Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Diagnosis After Starting Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Among Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) STI Diagnosis; PrEP; MSM; hazard ratio; Gonorrhea; Chlamydia; Syphilis; sexual health
Master's 66 Stanislaus Jalisa Tyler Wray, PhD; Katie Biello PhD Examination of Barriers to PrEP Uptake, Including Medical Mistrust Among Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino MSM PrEP barriers; MSM; medical mistrust; HIV prevention; sexual health
Master's 67 Burnett Don-Pierre Molly Magill, MSW, PhD; Thomas Trikalinos, MD Exploring the Impacts of CBT Interventions for Substance Use by Demographic and Contextual Factors Substance use; SUD; demographic; context; meta-analysis; addiction
Master's 68 Britton Kristopher Deborah Pearlman, PhD; Shira Dunsiger, PhD Examining the Relationship between Moderate/Severe Pediatric Asthma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) among Children ages 5-17 Years Old During the COVID-19 Pandemic Asthma; pediatrics; chronic stressors, ACEs; severity; social determinants; built environment; child health; children
Master's 69 Davis Tori Jaclyn Hughto; José Bauermeister; Pablo Valente; Lisa Hightow-Wedman; Kenneth Mayer; Katie Biello The Association between Police Violence and Condomless Sex in Young Men Who Have Sex with Men Police violence; young MSM; risky sexual behaviors; condomless anal sex; HIV risk; quantitative methods; sexual health
Master's 70 Parent Hannah Samantha Rosenthal, PhD; Jennifer Swanberg, PhD Associations between Self-Compassion and Substance Use among Sexual and Gender Minorities Substance use; cannabis; alcohol; LGBTQ+; sexual-gender minorities (SGM); self-compassion; addiction
Master's 71 Manokaran Kethural Deborah Pearlman, PhD; Ramu Kharel, MD, MPH, DTM&H; Adam Levine MD, MPH A Mixed-Methods Assessment of a Virtual COVID-19 Vaccine Training-of Trainers Course Implemented by an Academic–Humanitarian Partnership Public health education; COVID-19; vaccine delivery; global health; mixed methods; pandemics
Master's 72 Smith Kristen Jen Bunker, MPH; Kim Gans, PhD, MPH, LDN; Kali Thomas, PhD, MA Developing an Intervention to Address Social Isolation and Loneliness among Homebound Older Adults Intervention development; theories of behavior change; social isolation and loneliness; home-delivered meals; homebound older adults
Master's 73 Bo Yuchen Ilana Gareen, MPH, PhD The Effect of Social Determinants of Health on Lung Cancer Mortality among US Adults Social determinants of health; lung-cancer mortality; prognostic factor; NLST; cancer screening
Master's 74 Ezealaji Kelechi The Association between Financial Health and Health Insurance Quality in the US Medicare Program ADI; insurance; Medicare; healthcare; finance; CAHPS; satisfaction
Master's 75 Tat Darlene Kaley Hayes, PharMD, PhD; Andrew Zullo, PharMD, PhD Sliding Scale Insulin Use in Nursing Homes Before and After Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic Insulin; long term care; nursing home; diabetes; elder care; elderly; aging; pandemics
Master's 76 Allman Arianna Meghan Cupp; Nina Joyce; Andrew Zullo Concomitant Use of Tramadol & Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors in those who have experienced a Hip Fracture Pharmacoepidemiology; Medicare; hip fracture; Serotonin Syndrome; risk hazards; racial disparities
Master's 77 Xiang Lucille Cole Exline; Francesca Beaudoin, MD, MS, PhD; Ian Saldanha, MBBS, MPH, PhD Socio-Economic Impacts of Long COVID and Policies and Programs to Mitigate these Impacts: Systematic Review Long COVID; systematic review; social impacts; economic impacts; pandemics
Master's 78 Thomas Cedonia Kevin Nguyen, PhD, BSPH, MS; Amal Trivedi, MD, MPH Screening for Social Determinants of Health within Healthcare Settings: A Review Social determinants of health; screening tools; health policy
Master's 79 Hassinger Olivia Ann Reddy, MPH; Rosa Baier, MPH Embedded Pragmatic Interventions Being Implemented In Long-Term Care Settings: A Scoping Review Pragmatic; interventions; implementation; nursing homes; long-term care; scoping review
Master's 80 Benadjaoud Youri Mark Lurie; Scott Rivkees COVID-19 Bivalent Vaccination and Availability of Immunization Centers COVID-19; vaccination; immunization; vaccine hesitancy; availability; pandemics
Master's 81 Xi Kevin Ilana Gareen, MPH, PhD; Jorean Sicks, MS Assessing Risk Factors Associated with Incidental Findings in Low-Dose CT Lung Cancer Screenings Screening; lung cancer; incidental findings; smoking; emphysema; risk factors
Master's 82 Negash Seraphina Mollie Monnig, PhD Plasma Biomarker Concentration Changes in a Sample of Healthy, Heavy Alcohol Consumers Who Used a Probiotic Supplement for 30 Days Alcohol; probiotics; inflammation; inflammatory markers; cytokines; cirrhosis
Master's 83 Bergeron Elizabeth Examining the dynamics of food insecurity, stress, and social networks in recent Afghan refugees in the U.S. Food insecurity; Afghan; refugees; stress; social connectedness
Master's 84 Liu Qinming Tongzhang Zheng The Association between Prenatal Exposure of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substance (PFAS) and Adverse Birth Outcome PFAS; adverse birth outcome; pregnancy; age categories; prenatal exposure; FPAS serum concentration
Master's 85 Sunday Joyce Shira Dunsiger, PhD; Samantha Rosenthal, PhD Regional Variations in Nigeria's Healthcare Workforce Availability and its Effects on Maternal Mortality Maternal death; maternal mortality, international community and culture; Nigeria; healthcare workforce
Master's 86 Bugbee Caroline Annie Gjelsvik PhD; Shira Dunsiger PhD Assessing the Association Between the COVID-19 Pandemic and Breastfeeding Initiation and Duration Among Black Women in the United States: Results from the 2019-20 Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) COVID-19; pandemics; breastfeeding; minority; breastfeeding duration; breastfeeding intention; African American; women's health
Master's 87 Goggins Annika Melissa Clark, PhD; Dora Dumont, PhD, MPH Examining the Association Between Maternal Adverse Childhood Experiences, Social Support During Childhood, and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes ACEs; preterm birth; low birth weight; preeclampsia; PRAMS; adversity; maternal and child health
Master's 88 Ochieng William Susan Cu-Uvin; Omenge Orang’o; Katina Robison Survival Outcomes of Cervical Cancer Patients Living with HIV and Those Not Living with HIV in Western Kenya. Retrospective; cohort study; survival outcomes; cervical cancer; secondary data; AMPATH; Western Kenya
Master's 89 Okaalo Faith Susan Cu-Uvin; Omenge Orang’o; Juddy Wachira Factors Associated with Retention in Care among Patients Receiving Treatment for Cervical Dysplasia in Western, Kenya Qualitative; facilitators; barriers; cervical dysplasia; retention in care
Master's 90 Desir Arielle Jennifer Pellowski PhD; Maria Steenland SD, MPH Preconception Health Care Receipt among Immigrant Women in the United States Women's health; preconception care; reproductive justice; immigrant populations; health policy
Master's 91 Suzuki Kento Jeffery Proulx, PhD; Margaret Bublitz, PhD A Feasibility Study: Adaptation of a Web-Based Mindfulness Program for Mothers of NICU Graduates in Japan Mindfulness; NICU; self-compassion; pilot study; mixed-method; mHealth
Master's 92 Baig Muhammad Miremad Moafi-Madani; Mary Roberts; Charles Eaton Biomarker-Calibrated Dietary Protein Intake and the Risk of Heart Failure in Post-Menopausal Women Heart failure; dietary protein; biomarker calibrated
Master's 93 Piontkowski Kimberly Shira Dunsiger, PhD, Jaclyn Hughto, PhD, MPH The Impact of COVID-19 on the relationship between mental health and routine cervical cancer screening Screening, cervical cancer, mental health, anxiety, covid-19, women's health; pandemics
Master's 94 Davis Madison Katharine Howe, MPH; Jaclyn Hughto, PhD, MPH Preliminary analysis of Harm Reduction Vending Machine transaction data December 2021 to October 2022 Harm reduction; substance use disorder; opioids; fentanyl; substance abuse; health disparitie
Master's 95 Zhang Yurui Aditya Khanna; Tori Davis; Patricia Cioe; Rosemarie Martin; Christopher Kahler Investigating the Syndemic of Incarceration, Tobacco Smoking, and Alcohol Use: A Modeling Study Incarceration; tobacco smoking; alcohol use; stochastic modeling; network analysis, agent-based modeling
Master's 96 Petrillo Sophia Laura Sanapo; Jaejoon Shin; Annaly Aldana; Ashanti Avalos; Melissa Guillen; Nadine Wehbe; Ghada Bourjeily Validation of Predictive Tools for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Comparison to Optimal Threshold Scores Among Pregnant Women with Overweight and Obesity Obstructive sleep apnea; pregnancy; maternal health; validation; screening; obesity; women's health
Master's 97 Tran Huy William Goedel, PhD Understanding Community Patterns of Accessing Green Spaces in Rhode Island Green space; maternal and child health; spatial analysis; physical activity; census, parks; health equity
Master's 98 Antinozzi Dana Benjamin Hallowell, PhD, MPH; Patience Moyo, PhD, MS Differences in Opioid Prescribing for End-of-Life Care among Rhode Island Residents who Died of Cancer, 2018-2021 Opioids; cancer; end-of-life care; health disparities; health services; health policy
Master's 99 Henry Marcus Erica Walker, MSc, ScD Impact of Contextual and Non-contextual Noise and Anxiety on Brain Signaling EEG; anxiety; noise pollution; contextual; noncontextual; sound
Master's 100 Yang Xinhui Jie Li; Andrea Glenn Intake of Dietary Proteins and Risk of Hypertension in Postmenopausal Women: Findings from the Women’s Health Initiative Major dietary protein sources; animal protein intake; plant-based protein intake; hypertension; WHR
Master's 101 Williams Levell Kristin Konnyu, PhD Facilitating engagement with harm reduction centers among individuals who use drugs Harm reduction; harm reduction center; Rhode Island Department of Health; people who use drugs; supervised injection; addiction; opioids; health policy
Master's 102 Vance Emily Amii Kress; Deborah Pearlman Evaluating the Effect of County-Level Racial and Ethnic Segregation on Preterm Birth Social epidemiology; residential segregation; preterm birth; dissimilarity; isolation; entropy; obstetrics; child health; social equality; maternal and child health
Master's 103 Blackmore Lucas Tamara Jimah; Zizipho Bota; Joseph Daniels; Andrew Marino; Mark Lurie Tuberculosis Prevention in South Africa: Understanding User Experience and Feasibility with Geolocation Tracking Using a Mobile Device Tuberculosis; infectious disease; digital health; transmission prevention; geospatial; mixed-methods
Master's 104 Wahl Jenna Emily Gadbois, PhD Analysis of Public Comments & Qualitative Interviews to Understand the Impact of CMS’ National Coverage Determination of Monoclonal Antibodies for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease Qualitative analysis; public comments; aducanumab; Alzheimer’s disease; CMS; FDA
Master's 105 Frey Madelyn Jennifer Pellowski, PhD; Wiza Kumwenda, MSc; Shaphil Wallie; Sophie Lazar; Denzel Matiya; Angela Bengtson, PhD Intimate Partner Violence & HIV Care Engagement among Peripartum Women Living with HIV in Lilongwe, Malawi Intimate partner violence; HIV; care engagement; perinatal; Sub-Saharan Africa; Malawi; women's health; maternal and child health
Master's 106 Chandler-Lee Jordyn Angela Bengtson, PhD Systematic Review of the Effect of Physical-Patient Racial Concordance on Black Maternal Mortality Rates Maternal mortality; physician-patient racial concordance; maternal health; black maternal health; maternal morbidity
Master's 107 Dewji Aleena Nicola Bulled A Syndemic Analysis of HIV and Cardiovascular Diseases Using the 2016 South Africa Demographic and Health Survey HIV; cardiovascular diseases; South Africa; syndemic; demographic and health survey; hypertension
Master's 108 Schueler Jessica Katie Biello Peripartum Depression in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Review of Interventions Systematic review; peripartum depression; interventions; Sub-Saharan Africa
Master's 109 Stern Kendall Angela Bengtson, PhD; Heather Zar, MBChB, FCPaeds, PhD; Jennifer Pellowski, MA, PhD Examining Engagement in HIV Care and Antiretroviral Adherence Among South African Women During Pregnancy and Motherhood HIV; women's health; ART adherence; engagement in care; pregnancy; postpartum
Master's 110 Kopeka Mamaswatsi Abigail Harrison; Lucia Knight; Zanele Rini; Nokwazi Tsawe; Jennifer Pellowski “I Hustle to Put Food on the Table for My Children”: A Longitudinal Qualitative Analysis Of Financial (In)Security And Resilience Among Pregnant And Postpartum Women Living With HIV In Cape Town, South Africa HIV; AIDS; resilience; Black feminist thought; intersectionality; postpartum; global health; women's health
Master's 111 Nash Katherine Adam Lewkowitz, MD, MPH; Abigail Cartus, MPH, PhD; Madina Agénor, ScD, MPH Examining the Association Between Intimate Partner Violence Around the Time of Pregnancy and Postpartum Care Attendance: An Analysis of PRAMS Participants, 2016-2020 Intimate partner violence; postpartum; obstetrics; reproductive health; PRAMS; access
Master's 112 Feragne Megan Richard Tucker, BA; Julia Mayne, MD; Betty Vohr, MD Language Development of Preterm Infants from Spanish- and English-Speaking Homes Language development; Latinx; prematurity; neonatal follow-up; health equity; maternal and child health
Master's 113 Nkoudou Nancy Madina Agénor, ScD, MPH; Jennifer Pellowski, PhD The Impact of Doula Interventions on Cesarean Section Rates within Lower-Middle Income Countries, A Systematic Review Cesarean section; doula, LMICs; reproductive health; improving birth outcomes
Master's 114 Owusu-Sekyere Joleen Diana Grigsby-Toussaint, PhD, MPH; Alison Field, ScD Mental Health Help-Seeking Behavior Among Emerging Black College Students: A Systematic Review Mental health service use; facilitators and barriers; Black college students; help-seeking; culture; stigma
Master's 115 Lee Sangah Dale Dagar Maglalang; Samantha Rosenthal; Jasjit Ahluwalia Reasons for E-Cigarette Use by Race and Ethnicity in Adults from California: The Moderating Role of Years Lived in the U.S. E-cigarettes; race and ethnicity; acculturation; reasons for e-cigarette use; years lived in the U.S.; ENDS
Master's 116 Brown Zoe Talia Vasaturo-Kolodner; Molly Magill; Joshua Brown; Patricia Cioe; Robert Swift; Lorenzo Leggio; Carolina Haass-Koffler Mifepristone as a Pharmacological Intervention for Stress-Induced Alcohol Craving: A Human Laboratory Study Alcohol use disorder; opioid use disorder; substance use disorder; pharmaceutical treatments; translational research; randomized controlled trials
Master's 117 Smith Madison Kristina Jackson, Ph.D.; Alexander Sokolovsky, Ph.D.; Helene White Ph.D. Alcohol and Cannabis Co-Use and Consequences and Their Relationship to Stress and Anxiety: Moderation by Family Substance Use History in College Students Alcohol; cannabis; co-use; substance use; stress, anxiety; college students
Master's 118 Mangelsdorf Laurel Kaley Hayes, PharMD, PhD Observational Studies of the Effects of Deprescribing Medications on Clinical Outcomes in Older Adults: A Systematic Review of Methods Deprescription; systematic review; methods; geriatrics; bias
Master's 119 Toffey Arnelle Elizabeth Tobin-Tyler, JD, MA; Jesse L Yedinak, MPA, BS Examining The Impact Of Structural Racism On The Utilization Of SUD Treatment Among Black Populations In America Structural racism; substance use treatment; health disparities; substance abuse; barriers ; addiction
Master's 120 Foley Isaiah Benjamin Berey, PhD; Jennifer Merrill, PhD Drinking Motives and Their Relations With Student Status and Negative Alcohol Consequences Alcohol; motives; consequences; drinking; high-intensity drinking; addiction
Master's 121 Lee Khiara Tayla von Ash, ScD, MPH; Patricia Risica, DrPH, MPH Explain Breastfeeding Rates Across Race and Ethnicities Using National PRAMS Dataset Breastfeeding initiation; disparities; racial/ethnic; maternal; maternal and child health; women's health
Master's 122 Blau Sarah Alison Tovar, MS, MPH, PhD; Kate Bauer, MS, PhD; Deborah Pearlman, PhD “I Just Feel No Matter What You Lack, Nobody Should be Treated Differently”: Understanding Discrimination in Food Assistance Programs Food assistance; food insecurity; discrimination; families; mistreatment
Master's 123 Iosepovici Skylar Eric Jutkowitz, PhD Planning the Implementation of a Digital Dementia Caregiver Intervention as Supplemental Managed Care Benefit ADRD; dementia; digital health; implementation science; insurance; caregivers
Master's 124 Coleman Justin Momotazur Rahman, PhD; Shira Dunsiger, PhD An Evaluation of how the Access to APC Care at the End of Life Varies Across the United States (Regionally) for African American with ADRD Health services; nursing home; dementia; Medicaid; APC; aging; elder care
Master's 125 Kyrychenko Nataliya Shira Dunsiger, PhD Impact of a New Payment Model at Primary Care Level on Tuberculosis Treatment in Ukraine: Mixed Methods Study Tuberculosis; treatment adherence; pay-for-performance; payment method; Ukraine
Master's 126 Carrara Rebecca William Goedel, PhD; Brandon Marshall, PhD The Influence of a Pandemic on an Epidemic: The Impact of COVID-19 on Overdose Deaths in Rhode Island COVID-19, overdose, substance misuse, Rhode Island, spatial research; pandemics
Master's 127 Latham Jennifer A Novel Approach to Evaluating Health Equity: Contributory Complex System Equity-based (CCSE) Evaluation Health Equity, Evaluation, contributory complex system equity-based evaluation
Master's 128 Murdock Abigail Michelle Rogers, PhD; Tracy Jackson, PhD, MPH; Karine Monteiro, MPH; Laura Chambers, PhD, MPH Mental Health Status of Rhode Island Middle School and High School Students Before Versus During the COVID-19 Pandemic Mental health; COVID-19; Rhode Island; pandemics
Master's 129 Khoo Kylie Samuel Zwetchkenbaum, DDS, MPH; Michelle Rogers, PhD Oral Health Concerns among Rhode Island High School Students: Examining the Role of Physical and Mental Health Oral health concerns; adolescence; physical health; mental health; dental health; Rhode Island
Master's 130 Sukhbaatar Surenmaa Eric Loucks, PhD Effects of the Mindfulness Based Blood Pressure (MB-BP) Program on Depression in Participants with Elevated Blood Pressure Mindfulness; meditation; high blood pressure; depression; childhood abuse
Master's 131 Burks Shaunessey Erica Walker MSc, ScD Indoor Air Intervention in Home-based Daycare Centers in Providence, Rhode Island Exposure assessment; particulate matter; indoor air; intervention; aerosol
Master's 132 Kumar Anusha Ani Eloyan, PhD White Matter Hyperintensity Trajectories and Their Use in Prediction of Diagnosis in Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroscience; brain imaging; longitudinal data analysis; machine learning; white matter hyperintensities; trajectory analysis; biomarkers
Master's 133 Seshaiah Talia Christopher Schmid, PhD Impact of Sequential N-of-1 Trials on Self-Determination of Triggers of Atrial Fibrillation and the Participant Decision-Making Process N-of-1; sequential N-of-1; posterior probability; trial sequence; atrial fibrillation; event trigger
Master's 134 Hedspeth Timothy Stavroula Chrysanthopoulou, PhD Complex Predictive Models for Bladder Cancer Bladder cancer; microsimulation; decision analysis; systematic review; variance reduction
Master's 135 Yu Zexuan Christopher Schmid, PhD; May-Tal Sauerbrun-Cutler, MD Impact of the FP Coverage Mandate on FP Consultations, Evaluations, and Procedures Among Commercially Insured Reproductive-Aged Females in Rhode Island Interrupted time series; fertility preservation; breast cancer; APCD; insurance mandate; women's health; health policy; maternal and child health
Master's 136 Ojiambo Rophence Jon Steingrimsson, PhD; Joseph Hogan, ScD; Rajesh Vedanthan, MD; Jemima Kamano, MM, ED Generalizing Cluster Randomized Control Trial Results to a Target Population Study design; generalizability; transportability; cluster randomized trial; causal inference; inverse odds of trial participation weighting; cardiovascular diseases
Master's 137 Richards Breanna Stavroula Chrysanthopoulou, PhD Calibrating Probabilities of Transition in Use of Combustible Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes with Multi-state Modeling Markov multi-state modeling; transition probabilities; tobacco use; ENDS/e-cigarettes; calibration; microsimulation; longitudinal data analysis
Master's 138 Liu Abraham Stavroula Chrysanthopoulou, PhD; Constantine Gatsonis, PhD Simulation Model for Advanced Breast Cancer Screening and Survival Simulation study; breast cancer; sensitivity analysis; Monte Carlo; model selection; women's health; maternal and child health
Master's 139 Cui Tianye Roee Gutman, PhD Assessing Effects of Meal Delivery Methods on Nursing Home Placement for People with Dementia by Incorporating Historical Data in A Randomized Controlled Trial Causal inference; propensity score; Bayesian inference; power prior; randomized controlled trial
Master's 140 Okutse Amos Joseph Hogan Machine Learning for Precision Optimization and Bias Correction in Randomized Trials with Missing Data Machine learning; covariate adjustment; bias correction; precision optimization; model specification; missing data; randomized trials
Master's 141 Liu Nancy Arman Oganisian Estimation of Causal Effects in the Presence of Competing Events Causal estimation; g-computation; competing events; hip fractures
Master's 142 Yan Yufei Christopher Kahler; Tao Liu Analysis of an Alcohol Use Intervention (ReACH) Study: Factorial Design, Orthogonal Contrasts, Incomplete Data, and Model Selection Alcohol use intervention; factorial design; orthogonal contrasts; incomplete data; model selection
Master's 143 Basso Antonella Alice Paul; Jon Steingrimsson Realizing Fairness in an Unfair World: A Causal Approach to Fair Predictive Modeling via Penalized Maximum Likelihood Estimation Algorithmic fairness; predictive modeling; causal inference; path-specific effects; maximum likelihood estimation; Lasso regularization; constrained optimization
Master's 144 Zhou Yingjie Ani Eloyan, PhD; Lorin Crawford, PhD Texture Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease PET scans via Smooth Euler Characteristic Transform Alzheimers; ADNI-3 tau PET scans; topological data analysis; functional data analysis; sensitivity analysis
Master's 145 Finlayson Kyla Predicting and Profiling Long COVID Using Machine Learning Methods Long COVID; COVID-19; binary classification; unsupervised clustering; machine learning; prediction algorithms; pandemics
Master's 146 Girard Anthony Arman Oganisian; Patience Moyo Causal Estimation of Recurrent Event Rates Under Censoring Causal inference; opioid; Medicare; chronic pain; recurrent events; G-computation; censored data
Master's 147 Dong Zhejia Youjin Lee, PhD Bias Amplification when Instrumental Variables are Related to Measured Confounding Bias amplification; instrumental variable; causal inference; simulation studies; linear models
Master's 148 Liao Yanru Li-Xuan Qin; Zhijn Wu Comparison of 16S rRNA and repurposed host Whole Transcriptome Sequencing data and impact of data pre-processing 16S rRNA; Whole Transcriptome Sequencing; pre-processing; concordance; microbiome
Master's 149 Zhao Yifan Ani Eloyan, PhD Dimensional Reduction and Regularization on Resting-State fMRI data and Predictions in Behavioral Science fMRI; neuroimaging; machine-learning; dimension-reduction; autoencoder; classification
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