Public Health Research Day 2024

Welcome! The research presented on Public Health Research Day represents collaborative work from across the Brown University School of Public Health. We encourage visitors to explore the posters and interact with poster authors. 

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Degree Poster Last Name First Name Other Authors/Advisors Poster Title Department Keywords
Undergrad 135 Calixto Michael Alison Tovar; Patricia Risica Understanding the Impact of Delivery Models on the Sustainability of Rhode Island Fruit and Vegetable Prescription (FVRx) Programs BSS nutrition, Rhode Island
Undergrad 136 Rhew Hoon Hee Ryan Zoe Brown; Christopher Dorval; Carolina Haass-Koffler Evaluating the age of individuals seeking treatment for substance use disorder in a community-based recovery center BSS substance use, recovery center, treatment, community health center
Undergrad 134 Newman Devon Shira Dunsiger; Precious Taylor-Forde; Levi Sofen; Dimitri Luzincourt; Jennifer Leaño; Megan Ranney Exploring Statistical Methodologies for a Thematic Analysis of a Novel Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based Adaptive Intervention for Teens: iDOVE2 LiveText BSS CBT, adolescents, treatment
Undergrad 137 Jordan Grace Josiah Rich; Samuel Meisel A Review of Technology-Based Interventions for the Prevention of Adolescent Substance Use BSS technology, adolescents, substance use, prevention, intervention
Undergrad 138 Chen Jadis Lauren Bohlen Examination of High Inflammatory Diets on Depressive Symptoms in Young Adult Women in the US: Moderating Effects of Physical Activity and Sleep BSS diet, mental health, women's health
Undergrad 145 Cheng Jennifer Lauren Micalizzi, Patricia Risica Does breastfeeding moderate the association between early smoke exposure and later cognitive functioning? BSS maternal health, smoking
Undergrad 140 Bates Helena Patrick McGann; Corban Jackson Perspectives on the Impact of Stigma and Bias on Patient Care for People with Sickle Cell Disease: A Qualitative Study BSS stigma, bias, patient care, Sickle Cell Disease
Undergrad 139 Karniadakis Ellie Kathleen Good; Liza Kolbasov; Amaya Allen; Cara Murphy The Relationship Between Impulsivity & Sugar Sweetened Beverage Consumption diet
Undergrad 141 Kolbasov Liza Cara Murphy Examination of interrelationships between weight-based and smoking-based stigma, discrimination, and health BSS stigma, discrimination, health disparities, weight, smoking
Undergrad 143 Santos Michelle Patricia Risica; Alison Tovar; Kim Gans Preliminary Findings on Home Child Care Providers Perceptions and Receptivity to Multi-level Interventions BSS home health care, intervention
Undergrad 142 Sarmas Mina Mericien Venzon; Jaira Mendoza; Filbert Aung; Kenneth Kang; Janeva Nicole Dimen; Alexandra Reyes; Alyssa Caldito; Alyssandra Abrenica; Erika Acosta; Maia Eng; Rheanna Velasquez; Alexander Adia; Andrea Mackey; Melanie Sabado-Liwag; Danielle Coquia-Guzman; Arjee Restar; Melissa Razon Palma Kapwa Para Sa Kalusugang Pangkaisipan Filipinx/a/o Community Mental Health in Action: The Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO) systematic evaluation of Filipinx/a/o community mental health resources and well-being in California BSS mental health, cross cultural
Undergrad 144 Yeh Jasper Crosby Modrowski; Isabel Aguirre; Samantha Portis; Robert Miranda Jr.; Melissa Pielech Key informant perspectives on opioid use disorder treatment for adolescents and young adults BSS substance use, treatment, adolescents, young adults, opioids
Undergrad 146 Go Mal Regan Gregory; Amanda Desmarattes; Victoria Scarfo; Micheline Anderson; Margaret Bublitz Religiosity/Spirituality and ambulatory blood pressure among pregnant women at risk for hypertensive disorders of pregnancy EPI maternal health, hypertension, religion
Undergrad 147 Desalegne Naomi Stephen T McGarvey; Jennifer Pellowski Regional Differences in and Sociodemographic Correlates of the Hypertension Care Cascade in Samoa in 2010 EPI global health, Samoa, hypertension
Undergrad 148 Kemball-Cook William Aliana Rodriguez Acevedo; Jue Yang; Diane Story; Brooke Ury; Abby Katz; Azia Johnson; Gabrielle Evans; Ugoji Nwanaji-Enwerem; Yaideliz Romero-Ramos; Jong Cheol-Shin; David Barker; John E McGeary; Shira Dunsiger; Diana Grigsby-Toussaint Dynamic vs static greenspace exposure: associations with cognitive function in elementary school children EPI greenspace, cognition, children
Undergrad 149 Lai Evelyn Brandon Marshall; Alexandria Macmadu Characteristics associated with forced treatment discontinuation due to substance use among people who use drugs in Rhode Island EPI substance use, treatment, Rhode Island
Undergrad 150 Dyer Claudia Elvira Fleury; Jordan Kuiper; Jessie Buckley; George Papandonatos; Aimin Chen; Stavra Xanthakos; Joseph Braun Assessing the Impact of Pre- and Postnatal PFAS Exposure on Liver Health in Adolescence EPI toxins, adolescents
Undergrad 151 Wang Chilsea Erica Walker Novel, survey-based comparison of noise level perceptions and impact on patient communication, relative to community health centers EPI noise pollution, communication, community health center
Undergrad 152 Liang Annie Malamati Voulgaridou; Christina Pertsalil; Thomas Trikalinos; Evangelia Ntzan Smoking and bladder cancer risk and prognosis: an overview of systematic reviews EPI smoking, cancer
Undergrad 153 Dixit Meehir Amal Trivedi; David Meyers Evaluation of Subsequent Insurance Enrollment Among Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries Who Experience a Contract Termination from 2016-2019 HSPP insurance, Medicare
Undergrad 154 Vaillant Jane Patience Moyo Dow; Tonya McCallum Trends in the use of opioid and nonopioid pain management techniques among Medicare beneficiaries with acute low back pain from 2016 to 2019 HSPP chronic pain, opioids, Medicare
Undergrad 155 Faynshtayn Nina Andrea Chu; Jasmine Agostino; Matthew Scarpaci; Shreenidhi Sharma; Emily Feinberg Using Community Health Workers to Expand Behavioral Health Capacity in Pediatric Settings of Rhode Island: Early Implementation Challenges HSPP community health, behavioral health, children, Rhode Island
Undergrad 160 Yang Jocelyn Michael Barton Laws; Yoojin Lee An Exploratory Data Analysis on the Comprehensive Opportunities Resources and Employment Services (CORES) Program in Rhode Island HSPP employment services, Rhode Island
Undergrad 156 Ravich Jacob Jonah Bradenday; Indra Neil Sarkar The Impacts of Hispanic/Latinx Patients’ Ethnic Disparity and the COVID-19 Pandemic’s Onset on Oncological Screening and Diagnosis across a Diverse Rhode Island Care Setting HSPP Hispanic/Latinx, health disparities, cancer, Rhode Island
Undergrad 157 Xi Jasmine Marta Wilson-Barthes; David Williams; Omar Galárraga Characterizing loss aversion and delayed reward discounting among adult participants of an exercise incentive program in Rhode Island HSPP exercise, Rhode Island
Undergrad 158 Rafat Aseel Joan Brazier; Amy Meehan; Emily Gadbois Relationships among Skilled Nursing Facility Characteristics and COVID-19 Experiences: Findings from Interviews with Administrators Across the United States HSPP care facility, COVID
Undergrad 159 Konda Sanjana Melanie Morales; Julia Pierce; Marta Wilson-Barthes; Omar Galárraga; Patricia Risica Economic Implications of Breastfeeding Versus Formula Feeding in the Context of HIV in Low and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review HSPP HIV, global health, health economics, maternal health
Community 130 Berganza Denniss Tyler Joseph; Carl Montague; Richard Holcomb; Colleen Daley NDoye; Brooke Rogers; Harrison Martin; Annaka Paradis-Burnett; Philip Chan; Megan Pinkston; Katie Biello Project BREAK: A Peer-Driven, Collaborative Case Management Program to Support People Who Use Substances and Are At-risk for HIV or Hepatitis C Project Weber/RENEW substance use, HIV, treatment
Community 131 Gomes Nyx Sara Vargas; Kimberly Kane; Josiah Rich; Lloyd Goldsampt; Jasjit Ahluwalia; Kate Guthrie; Susan Ramsey; Matthew Murphy Developing an Ethical Framework for the Conduct of HIV Prevention Research Among People who Inject Drugs Experiencing Incarceration: A Qualitative Study Lifespan substance use, HIV, prevention, incarceration
Community 127 Brodeur Krystina Cheyenne Seymour RI Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (RI PRAMS) RIDOH maternal health, Rhode Island
Community 128 Monteiro Karine Tracy Jackson RI Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (RI BRFSS) RIDOH behavioral health, Rhode Island
Community 129 Monteiro Karine Tracy Jackson RI Youth Risk Behavior Survey (RI YRBS) RIDOH behavioral health, adolescents, Rhode Island
Community 132 Kunchay Gayatri Junhie Oh Rhode Island Department of Health Hospital Discharge Database RIDOH Rhode Island
Community 133 Kunchay Gayatri Junhie Oh Potentially Preventable Emergency Department Utilization, Rhode Island, 2022 RIDOH Rhode Island
Doctoral 007 Kelly Patrick Stephanie Vento; Madeline Noh; Traci Green; Josiah Rich; Jaclyn Hughto, ‘Drug Cutting’ Perspectives and Implications on Reducing Harms of Fentanyl Adulterated Stimulants: A Qualitative Study of People who Distribute Drugs BSS harm reduction, substance use, opioids
Doctoral 002 Womack Sean Christopher Beam; Evan Giangrande; Sophie Bell Shared Environmental Factors Account for the Nonlinear Decline in the Association between Birth and Cognitive Ability across the Lifespan BSS environmental health, cognition
Doctoral 003 Hall Amber Elvira Fleury; George Papandonatos; Jessie Buckley; Kim Cecil; Aimin Chen; Bruce Lanphear; Kimberly Yolton; Douglas Walker; Kurt Pennell; Joseph Braun; Katherine Manz Associations of a Prenatal Serum Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substance Mixture with the Cord Serum Metabolome in the HOME Study EPI prenatal health
Doctoral 004 Shaw Leah William Eger; Katie Biello; Claudia Lopez; Jennifer Brody; Angela Bazzi HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis prescription initiation and continuation among homeless-experienced people who use drugs in Boston, MA EPI substance use, HIV, prevention
Doctoral 005 Yang Bo Jie Li; Elizabeth Sabath Silva; Lawrence Phillips; JoAnn Manson; Alex Reiner; Atul Chopra; Simin Liu A Prospective Study of Plasma Levels of Asprosin and Incident Type 2 Diabetes in Postmenopausal Women Participated in the Women’s Health Initiativ EPI women's health, Diabetes
Doctoral 006 Jamakandi Shriya Joan Li; Alyna Chien; Matthew Alcusky; Michaela Kerrissey Pediatric Experience with Massachusetts’ Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations HSPP Medicaid
Doctoral 016 Zielinski Robert Kun Meng; Ani Eloyan Longitudinal Principal Manifold Estimation Biostats manifold estimation
Doctoral 010 Wei Xin Hao Wu; Zhijin Wu TORC: A target-oriented reference construction method for supervised cell type identification in scRNA-seq data Biostats scRNA-seq data
Doctoral 012 Feng Shuo Alyssa Bilinski Re-evaluating evaluations of infectious disease control policies during the COVID-19 public health emergency Biostats COVID, policy
Doctoral 011 Hansen Blake Alejandra Avalos-Pacheco; Massimiliano Russo; Roberta De Vito Fast Variational Inference for Bayesian Multi-Study Factor Analysis Biostats Bayesian analysis
Doctoral 009 Fernandez-Morales Esteban Arman Oganisian A Bayesian Semiparametric Framework for Cost-Effectiveness Analyses of Sequential Treatments Biostats Bayesian analysis, health economics
Doctoral 014 Scodes Jennifer Roee Gutman Novel Item Response Theory Methods for Adjusting forProxy-Responses in Patient-Reported Outcomes Biostats patient outcomes
Doctoral 017 Tan Chichun Ying Ma A Matrix Normal Graphical Model for Inferring Gene Spatial Co-expression in Spatial Transcriptomics Data Biostats spatial data, gene
Doctoral 013 Voter Sarah Allison DeLong; Winstone Nyandiko; Rachel Vreeman; Rami Kantor; Joseph Hogan Assessment of genotype-phenotype discordance using recalibrated genotype measures of HIV-1 drug resistance Biostats gene, HIV
Doctoral 015 Yu Chang Zhijin Wu Addressing Varying Sample-Specific Sensitivity: a New Test for Binary Biomarker Identification Biostats biomarker identification
Doctoral 001 Joseph Janet Todd Everson; Carmen Marsit; Laura Stroud Neurobiological Impact of Prenatal Cannabis Exposure on Placental Gene Expression: A Proof-of-concept Weighted Co-expression Gene Network Analysis (WCGNA) Med School gene, substance use, prenatal health
Master's 066 Artis Lia Lauren Micalizzi; Danielle Whisnant; Alexandria Capolino; Mary-Ellen Fernandez; Rachel Gunn The impact of perceived quality of prenatal nursing information on nursing intentions in pregnant people that use cannabis BSS prenatal health, sustance use
Master's 049 Abaherah Nour Alison Tovar; Emily Elenio; Maya Vadiveloo Food Access Barriers Among Foreign-Born SNAP Recipients in the United States: A Cross-sectional Study BSS SNAP, diet, cross cultural, health disparities
Master's 060 Aslam Rehan Rosemarie Martin Identifying the Presence of Harm Reduction Supplies at Bars in Providence, Rhode, Island BSS harm reduction, Rhode Island
Master's 062 Ball Taiylar Jennifer Pellowski Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceptions about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for the Prevention of HIV Infection Among Cis-women BSS women's health, HIV, prevention
Master's 072 Behnam Batool Abigail Harrison; Karen Andes Examining the Acceptance of Oral Storytelling as a Mental Health Therapy for Afghan Refugees in the US BSS mental health; refugees
Master's 053 Buterbaugh Ariana Janet Johnson; Natasha A Sokol Birthing peoples’ experiences of provider conversations regarding marijuana use: a qualitative analysis BSS prenatal health, sustance use
Master's 057 Cousin Jacob Jeffery Proulx Analysis of Culturally Tailored MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Interventions for North American Native American Communities BSS mindfulness, treatment, Native American/Indigenous
Master's 054 Manuzza Calista Samantha Rosenthal Prevalence of Depression, Anxiety, and Eating Disorder Symptomology in LGBTQ+ Collegiate Athletes BSS mental health, LGBTQ
Master's 052 Munir Zersha Deborah Pearlman; Tanya Purdy Hindering Hazing Through Institutional Change: Identifying Focus Areas for Preventative Anti-Hazing University Frameworks BSS prevention, behavioral health, higher education
Master's 050 Hardy Faith Alison Tovar; Maya Vadiveloo Parental Feeding Stress for Parents and Guardians Using SNAP BSS SNAP, health disparities
Master's 048 Scheinbach Julia Lauren Micalizzi; Kristin Rogers; Hayley Treloar Padovano Parental History of Problem Drinking and Teenage Alcohol Response BSS substance use, adolescents
Master's 047 Amidei Alyssa Shira Dunsiger Exploring the Associations Between Stress, Physical Activity, and Dyspareunia in College Students Assigned Female at Birth BSS sexual health
Master's 039 Angelino Domenic Sara Vargas; David Williams User Experiences of Physical Activity Ecological Momentary Assessment Delivered Through Mobile Application BSS health technology, exercise
Master's 042 Choi Olivia Tracy Gladstone Preventing Mental Health Conditions in College Students: A Mixed Methods Exploratory Study of The Willow Intervention BSS mental health, prevention, intervention
Master's 043 Elenio Emily Alison Tovar; Leo Arriola Carnicelli; Maya Vadiveloo Investigating the Cultural Competence of SNAP in Rhode Island and Connecticut Adults BSS SNAP, cultural competence, Rhode Island
Master's 038 Cao Yuchan Patricia Cioe One Day at a Time: Navigating the Challenges and Triumphs in Smoking Cessation Among HIV-Positive Smokers BSS smoking, HIV
Master's 040 Evans Gabrielle Samantha Rosenthal Investigating the Association between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Smartphone Addiction among Young Adults in Rhode Island BSS ACEs, behavioral health, Rhode Island
Master's 064 Fernandez Hannah William Goedel; Margot Jackson Power in Parenthood: The effect of fertility rate on voter turnout in RI BSS fertility, Rhode Island
Master's 041 Morales Aquino Melanie Patricia Risica The Influence of Tobacco Smoke Exposure on the Human Microbiome BSS smoking
Master's 068 Song Flora Hannah Ziobrowski; Shira Dunsiger Does Social Support Buffer the Impact of Acculturative Stress on Depression among Asian Americans? BSS mental health, AAPI
Master's 046 Welch Caroline Madina Agénor; Eli Wasserman; Madeline Noh Understanding health care providers' views on and role in addressing gendered racism and substance use stigma in sexual and reproductive health care settings among Black and Latina U.S. women who use substances: a qualitative study BSS women's health, sexual health, health disparities, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx
Master's 045 Yetter Katie Judson Brewer; Zimife Umeh From Bootcamp to Behind Bars: Veterans’ Journeys from the Military to Incarceration BSS incarceration, veteran health
Master's 044 Wasserman Eli Brittany Mandeville; Caroline Welch; Madeline Noh; Angela Bazzi; Katie Biello; Madina Agénor "It was like a baptism by fire”: Providers' views on their sexual and reproductive health care training experiences in relation to their provision of care for diverse groups of women who use substances BSS sexual health, women's health, substance use
Master's 074 Harrison-Lee Elliot Shira Dunsiger Fertility Presercation Practice Patterns Among Providers Treating Transgender Patients BSS fertility, LGBTQ
Master's 051 Reale Hannah Shira Dunsiger; Elizabeth Tobin-Tyler Comparing the Impact of Texas and New Mexico’s Abortion Laws and Social Safety Net Programs on Maternal Health Outcomes After Dobbs BSS women's health, policy
Master's 055 Sanchez Ashley Melinda Stolley; Tanya Benitez Exploring the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Experiences of Latina Breast Cancer Survivors: A Qualitative Analysis BSS COVID, cancer, Hispanic/Latinx
Master's 058 Lo Daphne Rachel Baker The Effect of Temperature on Lyme Disease in the United States and Implications of Climate Change BSS environmental health, climate change, vectors
Master's 070 Jimenez Alvarado Nayeli Patricia Risica A National Examination of Breastfeeding Disparities Among Racial/Ethnic and Sexual Orientation Subgroups of U.S. Women BSS women's health, health disparities
Master's 059 Spencer Jessica Elizabeth Tobin-Tyler; Deborah Pearlman Prenatal and Postpartum Care Compliance Among Medicaid Recipients Using HEDIS Data from 2019 to 2022 BSS Medicaid, reproductive health
Master's 061 Perry Danielle Erica Walker; Hayley Treloar Padovano The Association between Personal Care Product Usage and the Development of Breast Cancer Risk Factors in African American Girls: A Rapid Review and Application of Historical Context BSS cancer, Black/African American, women's health
Master's 065 Van Wittenberghe Isabella Sara Lazar; Andrew Creamer; Cindy Lopez; Hope Tiboni The Effects of Mindfulness and Character Strength-Based Interventions on Well-Being among Clinical and Non-Clinical Adults: A Systematic Review BSS mindfulness, intervention
Master's 071 White Jeffery Benjamin Berey; Jane Metrik; Anthony Reginato; Elizabeth Aston Voices Unheard: Exploring the barriers to adequate healthcare for Hispanic patients with Rheumatoid or Psoriatic Arthritis BSS Hispanic/Latinx, Arthritis
Master's 063 Reitzel Gage Tyler Wray Evaluating smartphone application and website use amid substance misuse recovery settings in Rhode Island BSS substance use, Rhode Island
Master's 067 Reid Tishara Jennifer Pellowski; Ameerah Battle; Chelsie Cintron; Angela Bengtson A Systematic Review of Gestational Weight Gain Interventions: Implications for Low- and Middle-Income Countries BSS maternal health, global health
Master's 069 Varner Anthony Lauren Bohlen A Systematic Review of Literature on Physical Activity among African American Men: A Comprehensive Analysis BSS exercise, Black/African American
Master's 056 Haderlein Nicole Alexander Sokolovsky The Impact of Violence on Cigarette and E-Cigarette Usage among Rhode Island High School Students BSS smoking, behavioral health, adolescents, Rhode Island
Master's 106 Choudry Erum William Goedel; Shira Dunsiger Impact of Social Determinants of Health on Oral Health Outcomes and Dental Care Utilization in the United States: An Analysis of the 2022 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) EPI oral health, behavioral health
Master's 078 Friedman Alexis Christopher Dorval; Zoe Brown; Carolina Haass-Koffler; Hannah Ziobrowski Associations of Psychiatric Comorbidities with Treatment Completion for Opioid Use Disorder EPI substance use, mental health, treatment, opioids
Master's 075 LeSon Sydney Alyssa Bilinski; Rachel Baker Understanding the impact of COVID-19 interventions on the timing and intensity of the 2020-2023 RSV seasons in the United States EPI COVID, intervention
Master's 076 Munthe Stephanie Stephen McGarvey; Shira Dunsiger Moderated – Mediation Analysis of CREBRF Gene and Type 2 Diabetes among the Samoan Population: The Role of Adiposity and Alcohol Consumption EPI global health, Samoa, Diabetes, substance use
Master's 077 Reich Laura Ruth St. Fleur ; Annie Gjelsvik; Jorge Chavarro; Alison Field; Hannah Ziobrowski Associations of Adolescent Obesity Phenotypes with Self Reported Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Diagnosis in Young Adulthood EPI obseity
Master's 079 Ramush Geat Kartik Sehgal; John Wiencke; Ze Zhang; Saiful Islam Saif; Devin Koestler; Rondi Butler; Ariel Birnbaum; Annette Molinaro; Hannah Stolrow; Lucas Salas; Brock Christensen; Robert Haddad; Karl Kelsey Dynamic Peripheral Blood Immune Factors and Tumor Mutational Burden Predict Immunotherapy Response in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma EPI cancer
Master's 080 Kappil Elizabeth TongZhang Zheng; Yong Zhu Studying the effects of serum DDT/DDE levels on testicular cancer among men in Connecticut (CT) and Massachusetts (MA) from 2006-2010 EPI cancer, men's health
Master's 081 Romero-Ramos Yaideliz William Goedel; Shilo McBurney Evaluation of Colorectal Cancer Screening Practices in Rhode Island EPI cancer, Rhode Island
Master's 082 Ibrahim Nazifa Alyssa Peachey; Tayla Giguere; Julia Noguchi; Francesca Beaudoin Use of Stigmatized vs. Person-First Language by Individuals in Recovery from OUD Within a Peer-Based Setting EPI substance use, stigma
Master's 083 Gokcebel Senay Shira Dunsiger Predicting the Individual Economic Burden of Long COVID in the US Using the Household Pulse Survey EPI COVID, health economics
Master's 084 Vasil Taylor-Marie Joseph Braun; Erica Walker; Jordan Kuiper; Jessie Buckley; George Papandonatos; Kim Cecil; Aimin Chen; Heidi Kalkwarf; Bruce Lanphear; Kimberly Yolton Associations of pre- and post-natal PFAS exposure with childhood eating behaviors EPI prenatal health, children
Master's 085 Werner Lovisa Shira Dunsiger; Margaret Bublitz Understanding Vulnerable Mothers; Exploring the Impact of Barriers on Prenatal Care Access and Utilization During the COVID-19 Pandemic EPI prenatal health, maternal health, COVID
Master's 086 Lyu Xiuhong Bolun Liu; Yiting Li; Yichen Wang; John Miskovsky; Melissa Gaitanis; Kittichai Promrat; Wen-Chih Wu When Two Epidemics Hit Together Trends of Sepsis and the Impact of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease on the In-Hospital Sepsis Outcomes EPI Sepsis
Master's 087 Slimovitch Rachel Alyssa Bilinski Examining the Impact of School Modality on Parental Mental Health during COVID-19 EPI mental health, COVID
Master's 088 Rasputna Maryna Christopher Dorval; Zoe Brown; Carolina Haass-Koffler; Hannah Ziobrowski The Impact of Psychiatric Comorbidities on Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Completion EPI mental health, substance use, treatment
Master's 089 Lewis Olivia Kaley Hayes; Valery Danilack Trends and patterns of raloxifene use for osteoporosis among U.S. Medicare Beneficiaries, 2008-2020 EPI Medicare, Osteoporosis
Master's 090 Groner Kyler William Goedel; Elizabeth Tobin-Tyler Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Eviction and Emergency Department Visits in Rhode Island, 2017-2019 EPI emergency care, Rhode Island
Master's 091 Jimenez Medal Rosemelly Donald Jimenez; Erica Walker; Shira Dunsiger Honoring the Journey: An Epidemiologic Analysis of Hearing Health and Hygiene on Short Haul Truck Drivers in California's Vibrant Transport Network EPI hearing health
Master's 092 Pierce Julia Annie Gjelsvik; Patricia Risica Understanding the Impact of Breastfeeding and Passive Smoke Exposure on Asthma in Children; Results from the 2020-2021 NSCH EPI Asthma, smoking, children
Master's 093 Story Diane Annie Gjelsvik; Diana Grigsby-Toussaint Adverse Childhood Experiences, Greenspace Exposure, and Sleep in Early Childhood: Findings from the 2021 National Survey of Children's Health EPI greenspace, children, ACEs
Master's 094 Cafferky Virginia Matthew Scarpaci; William Heindel; Eric Loucks Evaluating Dementia Prevention in the Mindfulness-Based Blood Pressure Reduction Randomized Controlled Trial Using the LIBRA Index EPI mindfulness, prevention, Alzheimers/Dementia
Master's 095 Lazar Sophie Shira Dunsiger Determinants of childhood vaccination coverage among children ages 12-35 months in Mali: A multi-level, mixed-effects analysis EPI children, vaccination
Master's 096 Thornton Tiara Erica Walker; Sandra Barnes Redlining, the Environment, and Illness: The Link between Residential Segregation and Black Female Maternal Morbidity in the United States EPI women's health, health disparities, Black/African American
Master's 097 Jones Cambridge Deborah Pearlman; Karen Andes; Emily Miller Understanding Patients Mental Health Experiences with the Perinatal Collaborative Care Model EPI mental health, maternal health
Master's 098 Dowling Katherine Jessica Tardif; Joseph Rosen; Haley McKee; Erin Thompson; Ju Nyeong Park Knowledge Gaps and Misinformation in U.S. Digital Media Regarding Overdose Prevention Centers EPI misinformation, substance use, prevention
Master's 099 Giorgis Birutawit Samantha Rosenthal; Hailey Voyer Depression, Academic Performance, and the Moderating Role of Teacher Support EPI mental health, education
Master's 102 Yang Kun Ilana Gareen The Demographic Features and Survival Outcomes of Patients with Coronary Calcium in Lung Cancer Screening EPI cancer
Master's 101 Parker Samantha Brandon Marshall; Alexandria Macmadu Differences by race and ethnicity in drug use patterns, harm reduction practices, and barriers to treatment among a cohort of people who use drugs in Rhode Island EPI substance use, harm reduction, treatment, Rhode Island
Master's 100 Zheng Lucy Maria Steenland Correlation between pregnancy depression and persistent postpartum opioid use EPI maternal health, mental health, substance use, opioids
Master's 104 Ng Stella Bo Yang; Simin Liu Serum Levels of Asprosin and Body Weight Changes in Postmenopausal Women: Preliminary Findings from the Women’s Health Initiative EPI women's health
Master's 103 Tsado Nadia Shilo McBurney; Jennifer Pellowski Association Between Atypical Depression and Child Empathy, Child Temperament, and Child Emotional Regulation EPI mental health, behavioral health, children
Master's 008 Li Jack Shira Dunsiger Period Effect of Quarantine on Colorectal Cancer during COVID-19 Pandemic EPI cancer, COVID
Master's 121 Anangwe Nelson Elkanah Omenge; Jon Steingrimson; Susan Cu-uvin Exploring the Relationship Between Pathology Resources and Cervical Cancer Diagnosis from 2018 to 2022: A Retrospective Study at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Western Kenya HSPP cancer, global health
Master's 120 Ayalasomayajula Shivani Yarisbel Melo Herrera; Blaine Ramalho; Alison Tovar Understanding the Barriers and Facilitators of WIC Participation and Retention Using the Health Equity Implementation Science Framework HSPP health equity
Master's 124 Bannister William William Goedel; Ben Darby; Alexandra Collins A Rapid Assessment of Rhode Island’s Crisis Assessment Tool for Shelter Prioritization HSPP Rhode Island
Master's 118 Battle Ameerah Lauren Schlichting; Elizabeth Tobin-Tyle; Caroline Kistin Oh SNAP! Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Characteristics and Outcomes of Low-Income Families Who Did and Did Not Receive Benefits HSPP nutrition, health disparities
Master's 117 Morgan Alexandria Patience Moyo Dow Addiction Treatment Facilities Serving Older Adults and Availability of Medications for Opioid Use Disorder HSPP substance use, treatment, opioids
Master's 115 Thompson Michael Angelo Giannopoulous; Erica Walker From Incarceration to Recovery: Empowering Mental Wellness Using Smartphone Technology HSPP technology, incarceration, mental health
Master's 114 Jackson Corban Annie Gjelsvik The Association Between the Need for and Access to Mental Health Services and the Income Level of a Child’s Household Among School-age Children in the United States Between Combined Years 2018-2019 and 2020-2021 HSPP mental heath, children
Master's 116 Donkor Katelle Andrew Zullo; Kaley Hayes Evaluation of Long-Term Bisphosphonate Medication Use in Older Adults Prior to Long-Term Nursing Facility Admissions HSPP gereatric health
Master's 122 Khan Gulmeena Emmanuelle Belanger; Joan Teno Quality of Non-Profit Hospice Affiliated with Integrated Health Care Systems HSPP end of life care
Master's 113 Kim Alison Lauren Bohlen A Systematic Review on the Barries to Healthcare Among those with Chronic Disease in United States Prisons HSPP incarceration, chronic disease
Master's 112 Fahey Owen Scott Rivkees; William Goedel Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on hospital safety performance rates in Medicare’s Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) program: A 2015-2021 analysis HSPP COVID, Medicaid/Medicare
Master's 125 Chepngeno Joan Susan Cu-Uvin; Elkanah Omenge Orang’o Lived Experience on Contraception Use Among HIV-infected Women Diagnosed With Cervical Dysplasia in Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret HSPP HIV, global health, women's health
Master's 111 Toma Emily Melissa Clark; Claire Wardle "First Release the Poison and Then the Anti-dote" Insights from an Anti-Vaccine Subreddit HSPP vaccination
Master's 108 Afsharian Parisa Lauren Schlichting; Caroline Kistin The Association of Food Insecurity with Immigrant Status in Low-Income Mothers with Young Children HSPP nutrition, health disparities
Master's 107 Beheshtian Kiana Jaejoon Shin; Maricuz Rivera-Hernandez Examining Disparities in Quality of Dialysis Facilities in Puerto Rico vs. Five U.S. States Before and After Hurricane Maria (2015-2023) HSPP health disparities
Master's 109 Crossland Daven Chloe Kim; Caroline Bailey; Kenyon Graham; Ian Bacher; Ross Hilliard; Drew Nagle; Megan Ranney; Tracy Madsen; Hamish Fraser Evaluation of Diagnostic and Triage Accuracy of Symptom Checkers (SCs) and ChatGPT on ED and Primary Care Patients HSPP AI, health technology
Master's 123 Granados Cecy Alison Tovar; Tanya Benitez How Does Nutrition Literacy Influence Latinas’ Food Choices: A Qualitative Study HSPP nutrition, Hispanic/Latinx
Master's 119 Whitaker Zakiyah Michael Silverstein An Analysis of Racial & Ethnic Representation in High-Impact Autism Literature HSPP Autism
Master's 126 Ahmed Neelam Kaley Hayes; William Goedel Assessment of Regional Variation in the Long- term Use of Oral Bisphosphonates: An Analysis of 2008-2017 Medicare Claims Data HSPP Medicare, oral health
Master's 027 Amruthur Tara Lorin Crawford Biologically Annotated Neural Networks Extension for Case-Control Outcomes ScM Biostats neuroscience
Master's 020 Chowdhury Tabib Ani Eloyan Comparative Analysis of Functional Connectivity Differences in Alzheimer's Disease with Group ICA ScM Biostats Alzheimers/Dementia
Master's 073 Rich Adea Hwamee Oh Association of plasma p-tau181 with hippocampal subfield integrity and cognition in older adults ScM Biostats cognition, neuroscience, gerentology
Master's 019 Song Haiyue Ani Eloyan; Youjin Lee Leverage of Functional Connectivity and Effective Connectivity by Selective Inference with Sample Splitting and fMRI Data ScM Biostats neuroscience
Master's 021 Eglinton Hannah Alice Paul RiskCD: An Efficient Heuristic for Producing Risk Score Models ScM Biostats modeling
Master's 030 Fawziyya Amirah Stavroula Chrysanthopoulou Evaluating the Performance of Simulation Predictive Models with Stochasticity: an Application to the STOP Microsimulation Model ScM Biostats smoking, simulation
Master's 022 Xiong Caiwei Youjin Lee Casual Meditation Analysis in the Presence of Missing Covariates ScM Biostats mindfullness
Master's 023 Liu JiaLin Shuo Feng; Alyssa Bilinski Correcting Bias in Estimates of the Effective Reproduction Number with Left-truncated Data ScM Biostats epidemic curve
Master's 024 Serrano Laguna Alitzel Jon Steingrimsson Joint Modeling of Prothrombin Biomarker for Liver Cirrhosis ScM Biostats Liver disease
Master's 025 Rankins Destiny Stavroula Chrysanthopoulou Surveying Agent-Based Simulation Models for COVID-19: A Comprehensive Literature Review and Simulation Exploratory Data Analysis ScM Biostats COVID, simulation
Master's 026 Chandru Himashree Stavroula Chrysanthopoulou A Systematic Review of Bladder Cancer Models and an Evaluation of Variance Reduction Techniques for Microsimulation Models ScM Biostats cancer, simulation
Master's 028 Stewart Michael Anarina Murillo; Roberta De Vito Fish Consumption on Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity ScM Biostats diet, Arthritis
Master's 029 Ye Kerry Youjin Lee Difference in Differences with Survey Data: Application to the Philadelphia Beverage Tax Study ScM Biostats policy
Master's 031 Liang Yiwen Christopher Schmid Analyzing the Impact of Rhode Island Urban Heat Islands on Emergency Medical Services Utilization (EMS) Using the Distributed Lag Non- Linear Model (DLNM) and Grouped Poisson Model ScM Biostats environmental health, Rhode Island
Master's 032 Ji Han Daniel Spade; Zhijin Wu Comparative Analysis of Differential Expression and Over-Representation Analysis in RNA-seq Data ScM Biostats RNA
Master's 033 Yan Yu Alice Paul Integer Risk Score Model using Multiple Algorithms ScM Biostats modeling
Master's 034 Zheng Angel George Papandonatos Examining Race and Sex Disparities in Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children: A Differential Item Functioning Analysis with Item Response Theory (IRT) ScM Biostats cognition, children, therapy
Master's 035 Grase Victoria Anarina Murillo; Stavroula Chrysanthopoulou Exploring the Coding Dynamics: Evaluating the Association between Race and Blood Pressure ScM Biostats blood pressure
Master's 036 Ibbotson Tova Arman Oganisian; Baisong Huang; Pat Mitchell Model misspecification in DROID: Replication and evaluation of a two-stage dose-optimization algorithm in oncology drug development ScM Biostats modeling, cancer
Master's 037 Chen Wanyi Stavroula Chrysanthopoulou Exploring Statistical Approaches for Building Emulators: An Application to the RESPOND Simulation Model for Opioid Use Disorder ScM Biostats simulation, substance use, opioids
Master's 018 Zhou Zihan Arman Oganisia Marginal Structural Model for Estimating the Causal Effect of Bisphosphonate Duration on Hip Fracture Ris ScM Biostats modeling
Master's 161 Asigi Keviner Joseph Hogan; Rajesh Vedanthan; Jemima Kamano; Stavroula Chrysanthopoulou Exploring Mediating Variables in Evidence- Based Interventions: A Case Study of the BIGPIC Study ScM Biostats intervention
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