Tracing The Outbreak

Multiple organizations are mapping  the current COVID-19 outbreak. These are our favorites:

Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering: COVID-19 Global Cases

What it offers:
A highly functional and informative interactive map that is updated in real time

Why we think it’s great:

  1. It has written and visual representations of total confirmed cases
  2. Cases broken down by country and state
  3. Utilizes multiple sources including WHO, CDC, and sources within China

BNO News: Tracking Coronavirus — Map, Data, and Timeline

What it offers:
A detailed breakdown of cases, deaths, and the condition of those with nCoV-2019

Why we think it’s great:

  1. The ‘notes’ section in the table of confirmed cases provides info on the severity of the cases in a given area
  2. The timeline is helpful and something that we haven’t found elsewhere
  3. Hyperlinked sources for every piece of information

Bloomberg News: Mapping the Coronavirus Outbreak Across the World

What it offers:
A quick overview of the latest numbers and developments, plus insightful info graphics

Why we think it’s great

  1. Provides relevant background as well as the most up-to-date information
  2. Graphics break down cases by geography, severity and other factors

Boston Children’s HealthMap Infectious Disease Surveillance System

What it Offers:
An interactive map from Boston Children’s Hospital of numerous historical infectious diseases including COVID-19

Why we think it’s great:  

  1. Allows for viewing of historical infectious diseases
  2. Animation for visualizing the spread of COVID-19 over time
  3. Uses automated technology to aggregate real-time online news and media alerts